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We are unrelenting in our drive to create visionary work that transforms business performance and engages audiences.

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We help businesses maximise their potential through digital transformation. Where disruption is forcing wholesale change, we have built dedicated, in-house expertise to deliver more profound results for our clients.

Private Equity

Few Digital Transformation Consultancies can claim the level of expertise in Private Equity as Equator. From comprehensive Digital Due Diligence to full-service consultancy, we assist portfolio companies to digitise, transform and innovate to exceed strategic objectives. How can we create value for you?

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Wealth Management

We have created strategies, services and agile start-ups for major wealth management companies. These brands choose us for expertise that enables them to transform. Our knowledge of the sector makes us friction-free and fast-moving.

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From hospitals to healthcare services, pharmaceuticals to private healthcare, fitness to Fitbits, we empower healthcare, wellness and fitness brands with digital capabilities. More insight, better patient care, greater efficiencies and superior service - all driven by digital transformation.

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In the broad sphere of B2B, we help professional, commercial, engineering and logistics business modernise, digitise and build profitable transformation, helping improve efficiencies, deliver better service and become more agile.

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We take the risk out of digital transformation in the insurance sector. We work across every line; health, pet, personal, commercial and specialist and have built client relationships that go beyond a decade. We've got you covered.

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Supporting some of the biggest banks, building societies and challenger brands in the UK and overseas, Equator has the acumen to digitally transform the entire banking landscape. From strategy to solution, marketing to middleware, we deliver for banking brands everywhere.

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Travel & Leisure

Over 100 travel & leisure brands have chosen Equator in the last 20 years. We know the sector inside out and have designed, developed, branded and marketed for hotels, cruises, travel agencies, holiday parks and more.

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Whether you are a housebuilder, a housing association, estate or letting agent or commercial property business, we have the in-house expertise that will help you bring intelligent property services to life and market them profitably.

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Retail & Consumer

Retail and consumer goods have never been as fast-moving. And we're helping consumer-facing brands stay ahead. From fashion to food, cars to consumer services, we know how to deliver consumer appeal and make the tills ring.

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Technology businesses have a challenging task to stay ahead. Often the customer gets lost in the race to stay contemporary. We help technology businesses in multiple sectors from telecoms to aerospace deliver contemporary customer-focused solutions that are always future-proof.

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Energy & Utilities

From energy retail to networks, digital-first to distribution, water and telecoms, we help energy & utility brands shine. We have built for big six brands, helped launch challenger brands and created solutions for smart home and energy tech.

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