It’s all-change in technology and communication services.

Software & Technology

The COVID-19 crisis has advanced many traditional businesses and levelled them up. Early leaders could get left behind if they don't act and get ahead again.

Transforming brands and customer experience in the tech industries.

Technology sectors

Software & Platforms

We're building cloud, as-a-service and integrations for technology businesses like Millbrook, Tili and others.

ISPs & Connectivity

Building bridges to customers in telecoms, utilities and mobile. Customers include Tentel, Thus, and Virgin Media.

Technology Providers

We help technology providers like Lockheed Martin, Iomart and others build compelling customer and partner propositions,

Smart home

Homes are now intelligent, making lives easier and helping save our environment. We are helping brands capitalise on the opportunities this presents.

IT Services

Supporting businesses like Iomart we help reach more customers more efficiently.


We've created digital campaigns and experiences to deliver results for brands like Crucial

Our Technology Credentials

Download our full Technology credentials and see how we can transform your brand.


How we enable technology brands to take on tomorrow

Technology industry challenges

Strategy & Consulting

Visionary solutions that deliver real impact

We help technology business dig deeper so you can outpace the competition with an integrated approach that connects goals, insights and visionary thinking.

Our strategic thinking has helped AdviserPlus evolve, Lockheed Martin build out a new online proposition and more.


Connecting platforms and systems

Equator’s technology specialists help companies manage complexity and solve business challenges through the integration of technology — as specific services or wider, more comprehensive digital solutions.

We built a ground-up integrated web solution for Lookers, completely engineered a comparison platform for Santander and built the complete tech stack for ASPC.

Connected Marketing

Accelerating sales growth

We help technology and communications companies to sell more products, to more people by building effective marketing campaigns and simplifying the buying experience. We use data-rich insights to plan, create and execute activity across all digital channels that deliver the most effective, integrated marketing campaigns.

We helped ASPC, SSE and Iomart deliver profitable customer engagement and brand exposure across multiple digital channels.

Service Design

Convenience-led user experience

We help you provide effortless, intuitive and exciting user experiences that set you apart. Our award-winning creativity helps to conceive new brands, remarkable stories and effortless user experiences that excite customers and exceed targets.

We helped Humatica reposition and renew their approach to the customer through a thorough service-centric approach.

Brand Development

Building stand-out brands of tomorrow

Our award-winning brand experts can help build energy brands that stand out in the crowd. Help cut through the noise, attract new customers and limit the potential for churn with a strong brand proposition.

We helped Pollen Street, Oplo, Exemplas, Swipii and many others stand out in a crowded market

Platform Development

Increasing share-of-wallet

With the right digital platforms and user experience in place, EBITA can multiply through increasing your share of wallet. We build the right platforms and deliver the right message so that, together, we can shift audience behaviour, cross-sell, up-sell, create post-sale journeys and positively impact renewals and retention.

We're helping Millbrook, Embark and others create new as-a-service platforms to serve their customers and their customers' customers.

Some of our work that's transforming the technology sector

Technology: Transformation case studies

The world’s first virtual assistant for tenants

Tili: Digital home move assistant

Transforming the rental sector with an innovative, friendly new interface and back-end system. And a fresh new brand identity to go with it.

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Gurr Johns

The art of digital transformation

How we overhauled core business platforms for a leading art valuation and appraisal firm.

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Transforming the car-buying experience for Lookers

We used Sitecore’s customer experience and content management capabilities to create a revolutionary digital platform for Lookers, one of the UK’s biggest multi-franchise car dealer groups.

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A creative leap for the fine art business

We reviewed a specialist fine art platform for our NYC-based client, creating value and minimising risk for both users and administrators.

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Economy Mobile

Dialling up new branding and digital experience for Economy Mobile

We developed an exciting and relevant new brand for Economy Mobile along with a light and fresh website.

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Amor: Lockheed Martin

No website like it in the industry

The new Amor Group website is completely unique to the industries in which it operates by putting the emphasis on social.

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Transforming technology for 20 years

Showcase technology clients

We are proud to have many long-standing relationships with technology and communications businesses of all. For these brands, we've created transformational strategies, game-changing digital services and even built entirely new businesses.

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