No website like it in the industry

Amor Group

The new Amor Group website is completely unique to the industry by putting an emphasis on social connection.

Getting more for Amor

Amor Group (now Lockheed Martin) is one of Scotland's largest business technology companies, with interests in energy, transport and public services. 


The technology sector is unrecognisable from where it was in December 2009 when Amor Group launched its last website. As a company which provides bespoke technology solutions to major organisations in the transport, energy and public services sectors, it was essential Amor had a new cutting edge and industry leading site, creating a showcase for best practice in technology.

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Industry-leading experience

Working with Equator, Amor Group wanted to create an industry leading B2B website that did more than simply list the services it offers. Amor believes its greatest asset is the experience, knowledge and high calibre of its staff and therefore wanted to create a platform that showcased that expertise. In addition, Amor wanted the website to have a social element, something which didn’t currently exist in the technical industries in which it operates, and provide a source of news and information that customers and potential customers would find useful.

A completely unique experience in the sector

There was no blueprint for the kind of website that Amor wanted to create. It would be completely unique. Equator therefore began a thorough scoping process to ensure the design and functionality of the site met the company’s high aspirations.


Multiple workshops held with key stakeholders allowed Equator to efficiently gather all requirements and collate them into workable formats. Audience profiles and user journeys were created to further develop the site requirements. This strategy was a vital part of the process to ensure the site was streamlined, relevant and interactive for all audiences and provided benchmarks to measure against during the creative, development and testing phases of the project. Working closely together, Equator and Amor Group created an innovative and completely unique website full of information on the products and services Amor offers, as well as useful resources on the industries with which it works.




The site’s morefromamor social pages contain daily blogs, news articles, tweets and case studies that visitors can comment on and share within their own social networks. This section also features regular thought leadership articles from Amor’s key people, highlighting the industry knowledge and expertise that makes the company best in its class.

Transformational performance

Comparing performance with the previous website, we saw:

26% increase in visit to lead enquiries

18% increase in unique visitors

75% increase in page views

80% increase in overall visits