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Reports and Webinar Catch-ups

CPO Paper, February 2023

Why CPOs are essential for balancing efficiency and experience

In this paper we discuss the importance of the Chief Product Officer as part of a digital transformation program. We look at their how to find one and how to get the best out of them.

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CTO Paper, December 2022

Why a CTO is key to creating value in high-growth companies

We look at the CTO role and when to hire one, because acquiring key people at the right points in a Digital Transformation journey is an important pillar of success.

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Wealth Sector Paper, December 2022

Should wealth managers transform for experience or efficiency?

This paper explores how the current market challenges and the state of wealth management digitalisation are shaping the ways firms approach transformation.

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Opinion Paper, September 2022

Buy, Sell or Hold - Where next for your mature SEO strategy?

For many, this once critical channel starts to feel like a drain on marketing budget after years of investment. So we're asking, where next for your mature SEO strategy?

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Online Panel, September 2022

Efficiency Vs Experience In Wealth

Our panellists discuss how to achieve a balance between efficiency and experience when digitally transforming businesses in the Wealth Sector.

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Opinion Paper, August 2022

The Law of Change

Can an online retail mindset help legal firms survive digital disruption? We look at how digital disruption is affecting legal firms and highlight some of the lessons learned in the e-commerce sector.

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Opinion Paper, July 2022

Transforming for Efficiency or Experience

We explore the struggle, between experience and efficiency, that many are currently wrestling with as they seek to digitally transform their organisations.

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Opinion Paper, July 2022

Should a company rebrand for the next phase of growth?

Every ambitious company reaches a juncture in their development where a rebrand is considered a lever to fuel further growth. We look at the most important issues when considering a rebrand.

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Online Panel, July 2022

Efficiency Vs Experience Discussion

Our panellists discuss the tension and balance between enhanced efficiency and improved experience during Digital Transformation.

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2021 Report

A Wealth of Opportunity

We review PE-Backed Wealth and Asset Management businesses to uncover the post-pandemic potential in the sector.

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2021 Report

Ensuring the future of Insuring

We look at how technology is becoming a key value driver for PE-backed insurance companies.

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Private Equity Healthcare

Healthcare industry digital wellness report 20/21

With an aging population, pandemic-weary societies, exponential growth in health & wellbeing spend and an explosion of health data, it’s little wonder that healthcare is a key trend in private equity deal origination.

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Webinar in partnership with The Hotel Marketing Association - June 7, 2021

Modernise your guest experience without splashing out

Our Principal Engineer, Carole Logan and our Innovation Director, Martin Jordan explore contemporary hotel technology. Discover the opportunities to modernise your guest experience in 2021.

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Banking Industry Report 20/21

Compete, collaborate or collapse?

What role do banks and building societies have in the future of consumer financial services, and how can technology keep them ahead?

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UX Report

Banking Payment Process Review

We've reviewed the digital banking payment process across several providers to show where improvements can be made to its effectiveness.

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Innovation Webinar - August 27, 2020

Digitising for growth

Our first session discussing pivoting business models that drive digital growth, automation of operations and the culture that makes a successful tech and digital business.

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Private Equity Webinar - August 20, 2020

Are you, your target companies and portfolio businesses ready to take on tomorrow?

We discuss emerging themes pre-deal, post-deal and as companies get ready for exit. Hosted by Chris Gauld, digital transformation strategy advisor and award-winning entrepreneur helping high growth PE-backed businesses achieve scale and deliver diversification and digitisation.

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Umbraco Solutions Webinar - July 29, 2020

Building delightful Umbraco solutions

This is a story of a ground-up rebuild in partnership with Umbraco. We share how we replaced every part of Village’s website, let you in on all the tips and tricks and hopefully get you inspired for your next Umbraco solution. Not only did the solution increase conversion rate to over 13%, but it delivered a 21:1 ROI and powered integrated Amazon Echo In-room Concierges and Totems for Hotel Lobbies.

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Financial Services Webinar - July 16, 2020

Banking Bounceback - Financial services in a changed world - An updated view

The country is starting to open up again, optimism has returned to the marketplace and the chancellor has stimulated the market with new spending incentives. Join us for a brief look at what this means for banks and financial services. And how brands, marketers and digital teams can stay ahead.

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Healthcare Webinar - July 7, 2020

How health tech and innovation can help the healthcare and hospital sector recover

It's often forgotten that the healthcare and hospital sector is actually the one that has seen the most upset and change in the last 3 months. Our webinar explores how recent events have affected the sector, what the consumer reaction to it is and, critically, how the sector can exploit innovation and technology to recover more quickly.

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Travel Sector Webinar - June 23, 2020

Insights, Ideas and Innovation from the Hotel Sector and Beyond

Explore some of the latest industry insights and discuss the ideas and innovations helping marketers on the path to business recovery. Martin Jordan will be joined by Hotel Marketing Association Committee Members Claire Bell & Stephen Moran.

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Retail Sector Webinar - May 28, 2020

What retail brands should do during the COVID-19 crisis

Join us for our fast-paced webinar delivering market insights and trends from our research team, a review of the competitive marketplace and a number of actionable ideas to work on right now. This 30 minute session will inspire you to get fit for the new post-lockdown world.

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Utilities Sector Webinar - May 12, 2020

What energy retail brands should do during the COVID-19 crisis

If you are in the Energy Retail business, watch our fast-paced webinar focused on this sector. Delivering market insights and trends from our research team, a review of the competitive marketplace and a number of actionable ideas to work on right now, this 30-minute webinar will inspire you on how to get fit for the new post-lockdown world.

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Travel Sector Webinar - May 5, 2020

Revisiting travel & leisure in the COVID-19 crisis

Four weeks since our previous, highly popular webinar to the Travel & Leisure sector and there have been many changes. We review the ever-evolving consumer mindset, look at search signals, market data and brand research as well as key actions to focus on in the coming weeks.

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Leisure Sector Webinar - April 28, 2020

Health & Fitness during COVID-19

For marketers, brand owners and digital teams at health, fitness and gyms, join us for an exploration on the trends, signals and challenges within the health & fitness space.

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Financial Services Webinar - April 21, 2020

Banking & COVID-19 - Flexibility, surety, service

Insights into how banks and finance brands are perfectly placed to play a strong part in this COVID-19 crisis and how technology could help.

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Financial Services Webinar - April 16, 2020

Insurance & COVID-19

How the COVID-19 crisis could define the future of insurance products and how digital readiness could keep you in front.

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Travel Sector Webinar - April 7, 2020

Travel brands and COVID-19

For the travel industry, preparation, insight, research and proactivity is critical right now. When this is over, it will be the biggest fight for revenue the market has ever seen.

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Financial Services Webinar - March 31, 2020

Fight or Flight Webinar

Martin Jordan, Equator's Innovation & Insight Director, looked at what brands should be doing to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Car Dealership Sector Review

Exploring the accelerating pace of change in the automotive sector

In this study, we aim to highlight the major trends that are taking place in the automotive sector and show how dealers are performing in this fast-changing environment.

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Hotel Sector Review

The hotel in the clouds

Embracing new technology will help hoteliers revolutionise the customer experience and win business back from Online Travel Agents (OTAs), according to our latest report.

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Luxury Hotel Sector Review

Do luxury hotel sites deliver luxury experiences?

In this report we investigate how the world's top luxury hotel websites measure up in terms of their digital customer experience and what lessons can be learned by all luxury hotel brands.

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Travel Sector Report

What travel brands should do during the COVID-19 crisis

The effects of COVID-19 will be felt long after the lockdowns are lifted. The next few months aren’t going to be plain sailing for the travel industry. For the travel industry, preparation, insight, research and proactivity is critical right now. When this is over, it will be the biggest fight for revenue the market has ever seen.

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Lessons from the 2008 crash

Fight or Flight

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living through one of the most significant global crises in fifty years. Read our report on what brands should be doing.

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Energy Futures Report

Winning the race for customers and margin in the new energy economy

The energy industry is still coming to terms with seismic shifts; aggressive customer acquisition by challenger brands and intense regulatory, political and social change.

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