Fight or Flight

Lessons from the 2008 crash

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living through one of the most significant global crises in fifty years. Read our report on what brands should be doing.

Look to the past to see the future.
The speed and scale of change is having an unprecedented impact on virtually all markets. Only a few weeks ago, UK marketing investment was predicted to grow by 5% in 2020, but now 62% of businesses are cutting back their spend. This reaction parallels what happened in the 2008 financial crash. We saw then and we know now, that there will be a recovery. We may not know when the tide will turn, but turn it will. Until then, there are things we can learn from the winners and losers in 2008, that can guide short-term decision-making. Learning from these events will help ensure your brand recovers as quickly as possible.


Discover how you can benefit from lessons learned during and after the 2008 crash to help secure your future during this testing time.

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