Transformation plus, for AdviserPlus


How we went above and beyond to create a scaleable, future-proof information architecture for this leading HR services provider.

Refreshing the system

AdviserPlus is a fast-growing business offering HR support to employers, particularly in the area of ER, or employee relations. Established in 2001 and owned by private equity firm Limerston Capital, AdviserPlus offers innovative management tools, data analytics, training and consultancy to employers throughout the UK and beyond.


As a successful business, AdviserPlus had outgrown its core legacy system by the time Equator got involved. Workarounds and functions were built on top of an original framework, which was groaning under the weight of added functionality. The result was a buggy, fallible system with an unacceptable level of security risk.

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Getting ready for the big time

AdviserPlus needed new information architecture that would catch up with the business’s organic growth, and prepare their systems for the future. Crucially, they needed to impress, win and service bigger clients going forward.


Our brief was to develop a solution that would keep current clients happy while impressing new and larger ones. We reviewed the required journeys and functionality by following our own ‘double diamond’ process, and created a unique purpose-built workflow engine. The result has been transformative.

Automating and streamlining the entire case management process

Using the Umbraco content management system, we built new information architecture and user journeys that would work for all potential users, whatever their size and however complex their requirements. Core to this is a workflow engine designed to best-practice standards, and which is both fully scaleable and future proof.


Built into this system is an intelligent decision tree that automates and streamlines the entire case management process. We also rebuilt internal and external portals from the ground up, making sure that each was engaging and easy to use. Throughout the entire project we’ve maintained seamless connectivity with the central workflow engine, which in turn ensures a “single source of truth”.

Boosting the reputation of AdvisorPlus

Our mission was to help release untapped value and add scaleability. Early results confirm our work is creating value internally and for customers, while boosting our client’s reputation in their business sector. We’ve helped prepare the way for future growth, and potentially allowed for a significant increase in business volume and profitability.

Rebuilding for the future


For AdviserPlus, we rebuilt obsolete digital systems and designed a powerful solution that will work for the foreseeable future, however much the business grows. If you’d like to discuss how we could future proof your own business, get in touch.