A creative leap for the fine art business


We reviewed a specialist fine art platform for our NYC-based client, creating value and minimising risk for both users and administrators.

A special analysis

CollectorIQ is a specialist platform serving the rarified world of fine art collection management. If you want to know how much your Picasso is worth, or how much to pay for your next Hockney, CollectorIQ probably has the answer.


Given eye-watering sums and potential price volatility, the platform’s reputation and value is dependent on accuracy and security. Equator was approached to review CollectorIQ, conducting a due-diligence investigation and reporting on the platform’s functionality, performance, security and portability.

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Two weeks to investigate

Over a two-week review period, we looked at the quality and coherence of the existing technology, the stability and extendibility of the code base, adherence to data security, and the potential effort and risk that would be required to transfer product ownership and infrastructure. We also examined licensing and commercial agreements, and verified the status of IP ownership and patents.


Our service covered our client’s public-facing website, user portal, administrative portal and mobile apps.

Thorough analysis, detailed roadmapping

The Equator team did indeed identify several concerning issues. Our report drew attention to potential flaws around underlying technology, vendor reliance, and testing rigour. We presented our client with a clear list of remedial action, and the associated costs for inclusion in a 100-day plan.

Reaching requirements


For CollectorIQ and their owners EMK Capital we acted as objective experts, analysing the digital platform, identifying weaknesses and recommending remedial action. It’s an example of how Equator is able to provide a specific, discrete service to a defined brief, often within a tight deadline. For more information, get in touch.