The world’s first virtual assistant for tenants

Spark (Ask Tili)

Transforming the rental sector with an innovative, friendly new interface and back-end system. And a fresh new brand identity to go with it.

A virtual assistant that handles all the fiddly stuff when you move

Our client, Spark, is an energy company focused on the letting market. They asked us to create a product to help tenants set up home services in minutes, not days. It would be good for customers and great for Spark and their partners, including letting agents, telephony and utilities providers.

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“A new brand, complete with visual identity online and in video, print and point-of-sale”

Making life easier for everyone

For tenants, arranging new contracts or just changing address details for broadband, landline, water, power and council tax can take days of phoning around - and the shine off moving to a lovely new flat. A system or product that could sort it all out in a few minutes would be more than welcome.


For Spark and their partners, there would be improved data collection, increased direct debit uptake, and the monetisation of customers leads. Not to mention easier admin.

A brand-new brand

The solution had to be an independent service, not just an extra from Spark. So we designed and launched an entirely new brand, complete with visual identity online and in video, print and point-of-sale. Based around the proposition of ‘Life, organised’, the new identity is fresh and upbeat while promising a calm, relaxed experience.

Meet Tili, the tenant’s new best friend

We built the world's first virtual assistant dedicated to helping tenants move house. And we called her Tili.


Tili provides intelligent user experience and a seamless journey from mobile-first sign-up through the website to delivery. She’s sleek, modern and friendly. She’s also - secure from end-to-end - GDPR compliant - easily white-labeled - able to support multiple third-party integrations.

Technical Implementation

Our bespoke Umbraco CMS implementation integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to minimise data entry and streamline the backend process, while real-time, whole-of-market offering for energy, phone and broadband is provided through integration with services like Energy Linx. The extendable architecture allows for easy integration with providers like Sky and Virgin, while all data is synchronised with the CRM platform for singular customer view.

In a very short time, the impact on our client’s business and the sector was notable.

10 new partners

Circa 790,000 leads

£650,000 additional revenue

A global industry first

A complex, multi-faceted project, Tili is the first of its kind in the industry, anywhere in the world. She is changing the way tenants move home, making life easier and more efficient for service providers, and building additional revenue for our client.