Driving future value and growth in utilities & engineering

Utilities & Engineering

The future of utilities and engineering is digital. Only those companies that digitise effectively will be able to compete in the new era.

Our consulting services have generated more than 2 million energy customers.

Utilities & Engineering sectors

Energy retail

With pressure on margins, energy retailers are facing new challenges from new, digital business models. We've supported SSE for over 10 years.

Utilities challengers

We have worked with, launched and digitally-enabled multiple disruptors in the sector. We branded, digitised and grew Spark Energy for over 3 years.


Our digital solutions support the provision, installation and management of equipment to the utilities and engineering sectors.

Energy networks

Working with network operators like ScottishPower and SSE as well as emerging technology providers such as OVO's Kaluza means we're best placed to digitally evolve your operations and flexible eco-systems.

Water companies

The water industry is evolving to make the most of digital insights to optimise operations and add value to customer service. We help you take on tomorrow and stay up the C-Mex tables.

Energy tech

SMETS2 smart meters, IoT, Electric Vehicles and renewable energy are ushering-in a brave new world of connectivity. We're helping brands make the most of it.

Energy Services

Our expertise helps companies like Veolia and Weir Group more effectively deliver services to the energy industry.

Exploration, Production and Refining

Our work with SSE has enhanced the digital experiences for internal, b2b and b2c audiences.

Our Utilities and Engineering Credentials.

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How we enable utilities & engineering brands to take on tomorrow

Utilities & engineering challenges

Strategy & consulting

Maximise efficiency, reduce cost to serve.

Strategic solutions that enhance experiences right where it's needed can make all the difference. Personalised videos that reduce churn and chatbots that seamlessly handle routine tasks like meter readings are just some of the tools we've created for utilities and engineering companies.

We've also built advanced Account platforms, PAYG apps and digital home move assistants that all cut cost to serve.

Production & Engineering

Increase loyalty and build multi-product sales

Bring your customers onto the right platform at the right time. Minimise churn with effective loyalty strategies, and make retention simple as customers approach the end of fixed-term tariffs.

We have developed solutions that have increased multi-product sales and created loyalty programmes with conversion rates of over 50%.

Brand & Content

Building stand-out brands of tomorrow

Our award-winning brand experts can help build energy brands stand out from the crowd. Help cut through the noise, attract new customers and limit the potential for churn with a strong brand proposition.

We have delivered multi-channel rebrands for Spark Energy, Tili and many more.


Maximise payments and reduce bad debt

Create bills and statements that are simple to understand. Drive smart meter uptake with simplified tools. Provide every customer with a personal explanation of their payment plan.

We use data-driven thinking to optimise processes like micro-payments and collecting debt quickly with Milo - our digital debt support assistant.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated campaigns that cut through the noise

As well as developing appealing product and service propositions, our multi-disciplined marketing team deliver effective marketing campaigns that connect display advertising, PPC, SEO and affiliate channels to maximum effect.

We created multi-channel, award-winning marketing for SSE that delivered consistent growth and kept the comparison sites at bay.

Experience design

Drive growth and reduce costs with Omnichannel thinking

Beautiful websites that streamline sales are a given. Our experiences maximise sales, ensure compliance and reduce CPA by connecting lead generation, face-to-face, telephony and online sales channels.

We have designed, built and operated connected sales systems that have acquired over 2 million energy customers for multiple energy brands.

Some of our work that's transforming the utilities and engineering sectors

Utilities and Engineering: Transformation case studies

A powerful partnership


Since 2005, Equator has successfully handled over 250 projects for SSE business units, right across the UK and Ireland. Our sector expertise has helped this energy giant improve efficiency, enhance customer relationships and increase platform reliability.

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Tili: Digital home move assistant

The world’s first virtual assistant for tenants

Transforming the rental sector with an innovative, friendly new interface and back-end system. And a fresh new brand identity to go with it.

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Spark: Energy retail

Adding a Spark to the energy market

We created an entirely new brand for this challenger energy supplier - then built a chatbot that transformed customer experience and call-centre culture.

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NPL: Land regeneration

Transforming land, transforming brand

We defined and developed a brand hierarchy for the diverse group of land development companies making up the UK’s biggest brownfield regeneration business.

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Bringing harmony to a complex world

How Equator helped Veolia share knowledge across diverse territories and sectors.

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An ambitious brand for an ambitious business

We repositioned an ambitious business working with some of the world’s leading technology brands – highlighting their success in connecting these brands with consumers.

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Weir Group

Precision engineering for digital

How we brought pinpoint accuracy to Weir Group's marketing and search optimisation

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Utilities and engineering thought leadership and analysis

Utilities and engineering reports and webinars

Energy Futures Report

Winning the race for customers and margin in the new energy economy

The energy industry is still coming to terms with seismic shifts; aggressive customer acquisition by challenger brands and intense regulatory, political and social change.

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Utilities Sector Webinar - May 12, 2020

What energy retail brands should do during the COVID-19 crisis

If you are in the Energy Retail business, watch our fast-paced webinar focused on this sector. Delivering market insights and trends from our research team, a review of the competitive marketplace and a number of actionable ideas to work on right now, this 30-minute webinar will inspire you on how to get fit for the new post-lockdown world.

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Showcase utilities and engineering clients

Our experience in the utilities sector covers businesses of all types and sizes. We've created innovative new brands, disruptive business models, more efficient digital operations and optimised customer relationships in both B2B and B2C environments.

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