Precision engineering for digital

Weir Group

How we brought pinpoint accuracy to Weir Group's marketing and search optimisation

Applying accuracy throughout

One of the world’s leading engineering businesses, the Weir Group Plc employs over 11,000 people and serves mining, infrastructure and energy customers in more than 50 countries. The group is known for innovative solutions of extraordinary precision. When they first spoke to us at Equator, they were looking for a similar level of accuracy in their digital activity.

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Serving a big, wide world

With a highly diverse offering of products and services across a wide range of sectors, Weir needed to focus their digital activity in order to make it work harder for their customers and shareholders. They tasked us with achieving a significant uptake in Request For Quotation (RFQ) in just six months, with a strategy that would support an established ‘Proven Engineering’ position.


They also wanted more bang for their buck, investing where they’d achieve the optimum online mix. 

Scatter-gun to sniper

At Equator we like to challenge conventional wisdom rather than merely facilitating a client’s instructions. And for Weir we developed a strategy that might at first appear counter-intuitive.


We decided to focus on a small, core group of products where we knew there was big opportunity for growth. We recommended investment in SEO, content and outreach through channels proven to impact the conversion journey. And all while suspending PPC and display.


The effect was to move from a wide, vague and frankly rather wasteful approach to a precise, highly focused strategy. It was just the kind of precision Weir needed.

How we made it work

We started with an audit of Weir’s large and complicated website, highlighting points of friction and recommending action for improvement. We also trained Weir’s own team in Google Analytics, to help them understand, analyse and act on their site’s performance. Meanwhile, our ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation programme ensured continual refinement and improved efficiency.


As for search, we focussed on creating content to support the buying cycle, and implementing outreach to raise brand awareness, all while improving underlying technical issues. We addressed the problems of poor ranking on keyword terms with new and effective content.


Impact and results


Originally tasked with delivering an uptake in RFQ, we saw enquiries up by 8% in the first 6 months, with organic traffic up by an impressive 39% YoY. We achieved this in large part by establishing 31 new ranking terms across three key brands, and 83 new keywords across the wider site.


Our work for Weir shows how you don’t always have to work harder or spend more. Sometimes focusing on the opportunities is all the change you need. Find out how we could help your business achieve more through precision. Call us soon.