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Scottish & Southern Energy plc

Supplying 10 million customers and listed on the FTSE 100, SSE is the UK’s second biggest power company. Since 2005, Equator has successfully handled over 250 projects for SSE business units, right across the UK and Ireland.

A long-term partnership

In 2005 we pitched against five other digital businesses to redesign SSE’s core web presence, and won. We created a best-in-class consumer-focussed website that works perfectly on any device.


Since then, our fast-moving, collaborative and proactive approach has helped grow the account, as well as SSE’s digital presence and effectiveness. We’ve undertaken hundreds of projects for the business - here are just a few highlights.

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A not-so-little acorn

SSE Highlights

It all grew from that first project, but the initial brief was quite an undertaking. Redesigning SSE’s web presence meant creating a consistent experience across four regional brands. It took us a year, but our success led to Equator taking on more ownership, eventually integrating the business’s digital channels under one roof.

A rewarding experience

SSE Highlights

With SSE sponsoring the biggest purpose-built music venue in Europe, The Hydro in Glasgow, potential for creating stand-out with a reward platform was too good to ignore. We delivered ticketing integration, shareable content and engagement journeys for new and existing customers.

In 18 months SSE Reward generated 250,000 sign-ups, with a conversion rate of over 50%, and the programme has now expanded to cover three more high profile venues across the UK and Ireland.

“Consistently connecting with diverse audiences - from B2B to consumer, bloggers to gig-goers, UK to Ireland.”

B2B for SSE

SSE Highlights

Corporate and power distribution may be a different world to consumer rewards, but the principles of connecting with a wide variety of stakeholders are comparable. For SSE we developed a series of sites and interfaces to match the needs of all users, making navigation of a vast repository of information simple and enjoyable.

Key to this was a smart-search feature allowing visitors to quickly find the right site and content within the SSE Ecosystem.

An app ahead

SSE Highlights

While smartphone apps have become commonplace in recent years, ours for SSE was ahead of its time, and remains a highly sophisticated example.

From registration to daily use, it’s functional, powerful and easy to use. Amongst other features it allows customers to submit readings, pay bills, view payment history and manage account details.

Listening in, blogging out

SSE Highlights

Our ongoing social media consultancy has covered ad-hoc campaigns and competitions, as well as monthly social listening reports which provide real-time insight and actionable data.

We’re also reaching out to influential bloggers, particularly in parenting and lifestyle arenas where audiences are large and responsive.

Pushing the right button

SSE Highlights

SSE is committed to helping the environment, and we helped them to get the message across with their Ecobutton - a USB device that cuts energy use in computers. We launched it as a giveaway on Facebook over four different SSE brands, and raised awareness by linking with lifestyle bloggers, tying in with WWF’s Earth Hour.

The right platform for everyone

SSE Highlights

We’ve created a series of new customer account platforms for SSE, responding to market needs and integrating complex systems and processes. To do this we set up an augmented team within our client’s organisation, combining our project management, design and development skills with SSE’s testing and content development. The result is an agile system with full buy-in from internal stakeholders.

“From UX and SEO to marketing strategy and tech development, we’ve done it all for SSE.”

Taking us with you

SSE Highlights

Like other utility providers, SSE routinely lose customers when they move house. To combat this we developed an entire home-move platform that made changing the address on your power account easy, transforming a typical 20 minute phone call to an online process taking just a couple of minutes.

We handled a similar project for tariff porting at renewal, helping to retain customers when they get to the end of a time-limited deal. Meanwhile our data tool project achieved significant efficiencies in collecting marketing consent and achieving compliance.

What we achieved

Clearly the results of 250 projects over almost fifteen years would take up dozens of pages, but here are just a few highlights:

Incremental revenue from the ‘Take us with you’ home-moving platform is over £8m

Our tariff-porting solution saved at least £20m

485% PPC increase in one year for Shield boiler cover

120% PPC increase in visitors to energy sites in one year

119% increase in visitors over three years through Scottish Hydro SEO

402% increase in visitors over three years through M&S Energy SEO

Over 400,000 users reached through blogger outreach

In Equator’s work with SSE, we’ve demonstrated our power to transform business, over and over again. See what we could do for your brand by getting in touch now.