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We know how fast the world moves, and digital transformation services are essential to our offering.


While certain aspects of your business strategy may be built upon solid fundamentals, other processes are more fluid and require evolution.


Our extensive experience helping clients with digital transformation services combined with our unique approach has benefitted businesses across the travel, leisure, finance, insurance, and retail industries.



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Digital Transformation Credentials

What is digital transformation?


Digital transformation is about leveraging digital technology across all areas of a business to drive efficiency, agility, adaptability, and ultimately growth.


This process transforms old, outdated business practices or systems into new, data-driven digital approaches. Digital transformation starts with a strategy based on your business goals.


Everything that follows is about implementing solutions that measurably and efficiently achieve these targets.


What are the benefits of digital transformation?

By implementing a digital transformation strategy, there are several benefits your business can enjoy as it becomes more future-proof and ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. This process aims to deliver benefits with streamlined internal operations and more meaningful customer experiences. These are just a few of the advantages you can enjoy by undertaking a digital transformation program of work: 


Improved data collection and data-driven decision-making

Digital Transformation is, in essence, the movement toward a business in which data-driven insights enable clear oversight of performance and spotlighting of enhancements. With evolved data collection, you can work towards vastly improving the quality of your data and the insight it delivers to support the ongoing enhancement of processes and systems.


Improved resource management

Good data leads to better insight, which leads to more agile decision-making. As one of the core goals of digital transformation, this agility enables you to deploy resources more flexibly and efficiently when planning operations.


Improved agility

Digital transformation delivers improved flexibility within your daily operations. Using cloud-based solutions across your business enables you to become more responsive to changing external factors, and achieve greater productivity and enhanced profits.


Improved end-to-end customer experience

Digital transformation helps businesses improve end-to-end customer experiences. For instance, chatbots have helped reduce call wait times, personalised interfaces have made experiences more meaningful, and data has made sales journeys more effective. Digital transformation strategies that listen and respond to ever-changing customer needs pay dividends.

Our unique approach

We understand digital transformation can seem daunting, but with us, you're in safe hands. Our unique approach allows your program to meet your business's specific needs and be delivered at pace, with minimum disruption.


Equator is a digital native consultancy and we’ve been digitally transforming businesses since day one.


This pedigree sets our approach aside from the competition; we recognise that planning responsiveness is vital to bringing your business to the next level.


We aim to give you data-driven agility, with assets that are accountable, flexible and easily evolved, so you get ahead of the competition and stay there.




“Our unique approach will meet your objectives and be delivered at pace.”


Transformation and future-proofing for Embark Group, one of the UK’s biggest pension providers.

Our Process


Our process for transformation is formed on the understanding that every business is different, just like your needs.


Unlike traditional digital transformation providers, we don’t create a plan based on an outward view and leave it to you to carry out in isolation.


An Equator digital transformation strategy is always bespoke to your requirements, thanks to an in-depth initial Diagnostic Phase. Once the strategy is outlined, we fully deliver it, which means we define, provide, and monitor the performance of the program and support change management activities too.


We know it can be tricky to implement change in an active business environment, where management and operation teams might be stretched already.


We're here to support you and use our expertise and skill set to help you from the initial ideation on how you evolve your processes to seamlessly rolling out an integrated roadmap.



Process overview

Our digital transformation approach is built around three core phases: diagnostic, planning, and implementation. Here’s a brief overview of how each phase works:


Phase 1

To build a transformation strategy, the first thing we must understand is what makes your business tick. Equator will get to know you through desk-based and in-person research. We’ll run workshops to discover your strategic objectives and your current challenges.


This phase will cover several areas, including goal identification, SWOT analysis, and digital maturity assessment. At the end of the Diagnostic Phase, we aim to have a ‘current state assessment’ and an achievable ‘target state assessment’ agreed with your business. These assessments form a solid foundation on which we can build your digital strategy.


Phase 2

The Planning Phase begins with the definition of your digital strategy.
This will incorporate a gap analysis that determines what is required to achieve your business's target state. Once this is done, we can begin to break the gap analysis into work programs and projects. With an agreed set of programs and projects, we then work together to create a detailed roadmap for delivery. This roadmap is carefully considered to account for three things:
  1. Projects are prioritised to deliver maximum value fast.
  2. Projects are structured to marry the most efficient deployment of technology and the most seamless experience for users.
  3. Project implementation is designed to minimise disruption to the business
By the end of the Planning Phase, you will have your full digital transformation strategy to present to key stakeholders, along with a robust roadmap, timings, and project-level costings for delivery.



Phase 3

Once we have created your bespoke strategy, we don’t leave you alone with it. The Implementation Phase is where your digital strategy starts coming to life with our full support.

We work closely alongside you to report on performance, deliver enhancements, and support team development needs. These are activities that we see as crucial to delivering a digital transformation strategy with the long-term impact you’re looking for.

Digital transformation consulting work

Case Studies

Equator has extensive experience in helping clients overcome the challenges of a modern, dynamic marketplace. These case studies bring to life some of our work, its impact shows how we can help you implement a digital transformation strategy that ensures you are fully prepared to take on tomorrow.



Transformation and future-proofing for one of the UK’s biggest pension providers.

Re-platforming with customer experience at the core.

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Millbrook Healthcare

Changing culture to help this company change even more lives for the better

How we streamlined an increasingly cumbersome operation

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Shawbrook Bank

Pollen Street Capital and BC Partners

Applying our full-service offering, we helped define a unique position and personality for this small, specialist independent bank, transforming the brand and its communications strategy.

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Phoenix Life

Transforming the Retirement Centre

Creating great content and a brilliant UX for the UK’s largest retirement business.

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Virgin Active: Gyms and fitness

Fit for world domination

How we transformed this global, high-growth brand with a new Sitefinity global platform that puts user experience at the heart of every interaction.

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Village Hotels

Building the most innovative hotel brand

Over fifteen years of working with Village Hotels we’ve become a valued partner, strategic mentor, team extension and all-round inspiration.

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Spark (Ask Tili)

The world’s first virtual assistant for tenants

Transforming the rental sector with an innovative, friendly new interface and back-end system. And a fresh new brand identity to go with it.

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A private viewing for Equator

We reviewed a specialist fine art platform for our NYC-based client, creating value and minimising risk for both users and administrators.

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An eye on the future

Creating a strategic vision for Visufarma’s digital transformation.

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