Transforming the Retirement Centre

Phoenix Life

Creating great content and a brilliant UX for the UK’s largest retirement business.

Looking after 20% of the UK's pensions

Phoenix Life is part of the Phoenix Group, a leading pension provider that looks after the savings of about 1 in 5 UK households. The business is highly customer-focused, with the digital user experience a key element in the relationship between saver and provider. Phoenix appointed Equator as lead UX agency in 2016.

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The Retirement Centre

The pensions and savings market generates a huge amount of information, and as savers get closer to retirement they typically want to read more of it. With millions of people trusting Phoenix Life to manage their funds and keep them informed, the brand’s Retirement Centre - a collection of online content including guides, checklists and news - is an important resource for those planning, and later enjoying, retirement.


The Retirement Centre has been live since 2016, and frequent changes in the regulatory landscape have meant there’s always been plenty to talk about. Naturally, best-practice UX has evolved since the Centre was launched, and user behaviour and expectations have changed in the intervening years. It was time for an overhaul.

Deliver a compelling new experience

The brief was to deliver a compelling new UX which would help users achieve their goals on the site. Our design solution would help to inform, educate and engage customers, while gaining digital efficiencies from core touch-points. Clear signposting was essential, as users would need to find and engage with relevant content without wasting time.

A three-phase approach

User experience

To create the perfect UX, we’d need to fully understand what drove Phoenix Life’s customers. So we began with a Discovery Phase, which included immersive workshops and data analysis. We defined goals and objectives. Then we developed user personas, and defined journeys towards achieving their online goal or need.


The Solution Definition Phase. We conducted an in-depth audit of the current site, designed wireframes to support users’ needs, created page visuals and a digital framework, and developed an in-browser style guide. The new UX was tested for usability.


We established a tone-of-voice for new copy, then wrote text optimised for search benefit. We also created a suite of animated videos to convey relatively complex information in an engaging, effective way. Our work continues, and we’re about to start producing case studies with real customers to add to the site.

An essential service, evolved.

Our work on Phoenix Life’s Retirement Centre combines the evolution of a successful, established feature with transformative UX design and development. Talk to us about how we can evolve your customer experiences.