Creating a strategic vision for VISUfarma's digital transformation


An eye on the future for this growing international business

Visufarma is a fast-growing company specialising in eye health. Their innovative therapies treat and manage conditions including glaucoma, allergy-related irritation and inflamed eyelids, helping millions of patients across Europe and beyond.


With headquarters in the Netherlands, VISUfarma are also active in Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. They chose Equator to deliver vital insight, and develop a strategy for continued international growth.

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Bringing territories together

Thanks to the way VISUfarma has developed historically, the business has a wealth of pharmaceutical and sales expertise, but it’s distributed between different country teams. As a whole, they realised that if they were to harness their combined strengths for future growth, a single, unified vision was needed. That’s why they came to us.

The initial ‘sight test’

Phase one of our work was a marketing audit for each core territory. We covered marketing performance, capabilities and efficiencies, agency support and processes, getting to know each country team so we could provide the best support possible. We also pored over analytics, Google ads, affiliate programmes and more, then assessed their websites for customer experience and functionality.


Our subsequent report highlighted actionable insight and critical alerts to take forward into phase two - strategy creation.

A comprehensive three-year strategy

Once we’d completed our thorough examination, we were all set to work with VISUfarma’s senior team in Amsterdam to develop a comprehensive three-year strategy. This was anchored in ten highly actionable points of detail to support future growth.

Channel mix for products & brands by territory

Campaign structure, waypoint and success criteria recommendations

Comprehensive measurement model for all channels, products and audiences

Structure, enhancements & repairs to Google Analytics

Opportunities for conversion rate optimisation & improved sales funnels

Content recommendations for site, social and search

Site technical and content recommendations for improved search presence

Usage, best practices & recommendations for social media management

eCommerce strategy recommendations, inc marketplaces and Google Shopping

A comprehensive set of deliverables & initiatives to achieve success

Putting the treatment to work

VISUfarma wasted no time putting our strategy to work and rolling out a new multinational website, new content and new actions across every territory. With new synergy delivering efficiencies and economies of scale, they see a highly promising future of continued growth and success.


Our work highlights what you can achieve when you bring several strands of a business together through digital transformation. For VISUfarma it was national territories - for you, it could be different brands, locations or departments. Give us a call and see what we can do.