Creating a strategic vision for VISUfarma's digital transformation


An eye on the future

VISUfarma is a fast-growth European eye health company. With the strong support of PE funding and an ambitious and open-minded management team, they recognised that they needed to have a digitally-centric and unified approach to their marketing across all territories to continue their strong growth.

With our extensive experience in the private equity sector and our over twenty years of experience delivering digital marketing strategies, VISUfarma chose Equator to deliver them the insight and strategy to help their continued growth.

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Toward a single global strategy

VISUfarma has grown across multiple countries with active operations in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and their HQ in the Netherlands. Each country team has superb pharmaceutical and sales expertise. And each country had built up their expertise, agency support and digital operations. In every country, there was work to commend but, to truly succeed and build economies of scale, the VISUfarma team recognised they need to completely review activities, agencies, and aspirations across each country and build a single view on how to grow the business in every country.

Assessing performance, highlighting opportunities

Phase one of our support consisted of a comprehensive marketing audit for each of their core territories. Covering marketing performance, efficiencies, and capability, we lifted the lid on every aspect of their marketing activities, agency support, and processes.


We pored over analytics, Google ads, affiliate programmes, agency reporting and more to ensure they got the best from their marketing spend. We critically assessed the performance of their websites to assess the customer experience and look for opportunities to improve. We spent a lot of time getting to know all the country teams personally, helping to understand how they can be best supported and get the best from them all. Our intensive immersion in every aspect of their digital activities allowed us to create a multi-page marketing assessment report.


Each country team had actionable insight into their activities and critical alerts highlighting issues that could hamper future performance. These included reviewing their Google Analytics setup, search stability & link quality, agency professionalism and a lot more. In addition, we gave the teams key deliverables as well as giving focus areas for our phase two strategy creation.

A comprehensive three-year strategy

Folding our comprehensive learnings from our audit into our two decades of marketing strategy development, we worked with VISUfarma's senior team in Amsterdam to develop a comprehensive three-year strategy. Ten points of detail went into making a highly-actionable plan for VISUfarma’s forward growth, covering:

Channel mix for products & brands by territory

Campaign structure, waypoint and success criteria recommendations

Comprehensive measurement model for all channels, products and audiences

Structure, enhancements & repairs to Google Analytics

Opportunities for conversion rate optimisation & improved sales funnels

Content recommendations for site, social and search

Site technical and content recommendations for improved search presence

Usage, best practices & recommendations for social media management

eCommerce strategy recommendations, inc marketplaces and Google Shopping

A comprehensive set of deliverables & initiatives to achieve success

A springboard to the future

We are very pleased to say VISUfarma wasted no time on receipt of their strategy. Within a very short time, VISUfarma rolled out a new multinational website, new content and new activities across every territory. Their professional, enthusiastic team got to work on bringing synergy to their activities and building out their capabilities. VISUfarma already sees benefits from working with Equator, and we are staying close to them to ensure their continued success.