Proudly different

Shawbrook Bank

Applying our full-service offering, we helped define a unique position and personality for this small, specialist independent bank, transforming the brand and its entire communications strategy.

Defining the difference

Shawbrook Bank is a small, niche, specialist bank which does things differently. By making decisions based on human judgement rather than algorithms, Shawbrook is able to work with the kind of customers poorly served by the high-street - SMEs, the self-employed, private landlords and others who don’t necessarily fit the profile required by the big banks.


When they asked us to refresh their brand, we decided to make a virtue of this difference. We gave them the positioning statement of ‘proudly different’, then applied that principle to every aspect of the communication and marketing strategy.

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“Our marketing, design and technical expertise came together to transform Shawbrook’s brand.”


Telling it straight

Part of Shawbrook’s difference is simplicity and transparency. So we made our messaging simple and transparent. Big, bold words. Clear, honest statements. No jargon. A visual identity with nothing to hide, instilling trust and conveying clarity.

Integration, integration, integration

As a fully-integrated digital, design and marketing agency, we put together a multi-disciplinary team of experts to develop the brand, digital estate and communications in parallel. We used brand workshops and sector immersion sessions to define a unique positioning and new brand language, delivering a new logo, strapline, voice, visual identity, website and brand guidelines.
For the online estate, we took a mobile-first approach, reviewing user journeys, content and architecture to create an engaging, intuitive and rewarding experience.

Unique, personal and proudly different


We delivered a real paradigm shift for Shawbrook Bank, with year-on-year online loan applications seeing triple-digit growth. The overall result is a challenger bank that offers a real challenge - with a unique, personal and proudly different voice.

200% more direct traffic

500% increase in named team-member enquiries

Technical Implementation

Our solution was based on modular, component-based architecture, with a high focus on security reflecting the nature of the client’s business. An automated build and deployment cycle integrated Microsoft Azure to enable frequent and reliable system development.

“A confident and supportive concept that turned the unique circumstances of each customer into a source of pride and empowerment.”


Jamie Jefferson, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer