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D3 Digital Due Diligence

Due Diligence is out of date when it comes to digital. Recognising the need to move with the times, we have created a Digital Due Diligence service that ensures you are best placed to reliably identify digital risks and upsides.

Every business is now 'digital'.

Why we Exist

Digital now underpins every part of a company's operation and will further disrupt how we work in the future. Our Due Diligence team gets under the skin of how the increasingly complex digital ecosystem impacts the performance of a business. Organisations that have lost out to digital disruption are well reported. This shifting of power is not simply the fault of a lack of agility, it’s from not understanding new paradigms that replace old ones – from hailing a taxi to Uber-ing, from buying records to streaming music, from the high-street to the super-highway.

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Essential to assess value, risk and upside potential.

Digital Due Diligence - tailored to your needs

With digital and disruptive technology changing so fast and impacting business in more fundamental ways, the health of a company’s digital ecosystem can have a profound bearing on value as well as future upside. Companies’ digital practices including how customer information is managed, and how transparent they are significantly impacts overall value, can result in steep fines and reputational damage.


UK tech is growing 3x faster than UK GDP

IDG State of 2018 digital transformation —Forbes

Global digital sector spending is $3Tn

PwC PE trend report 2019

44% PE houses rate digital as highest impact trend

It's too important to overlook

Digital is now a vital component

With digital now being central to the majority of key business decisions, it’s vital that deals are not put at risk through a lack of detailed understanding of the state of an organisation’s digital ecosystem. Investors need to know the right questions to ask up front, and what to look for when assessing a target for acquisition. This means making a full digital maturity assessment part of any thorough due diligence process is now essential - our approach represents an efficient and essential way to establish an accurate value.

53% of key business decisions are now linked to digital maturity.

Digital Due Diligence is not the same as IT Due Diligence.

The Difference

IT assesses the robustness of the infrastructure that helps the organisation run. Digital Due Diligence is how you use digital methods and channels to achieve specific business goals, how businesses use digital tools to engage with customers and provide essential services. Digital involves the tools, the people and the environment the business is in.

How we do it

Digital Due Diligence provides a thorough assessment that delivers a clear understanding of the target company’s digital maturity, risks and opportunities. D3 delivers a detailed view of the digital ecosystem, how it’s performing, how to enhance it, and a 100-day plan for implementation.

Due Diligence Process

The D3 report


We recognise the importance of providing you with a clear, easily digestible report that tells you exactly what you need to know to assess the digital maturity of your target company. You will find our report simple to navigate, with a concise Executive Summary, visual illustration of the digital landscape and a clear set of risks with remedial actions. We also provide an actionable 100-day plan that we can help you deliver.

Depending on your requirements Equator will tailor a diligence package to suit. Our assessment could take a couple of days up to 4 weeks (and everything in between).


Easy to use Exec Summary

The clear, concise Exec Summary shows you everything you need to know at a glance. It includes R-A-G rated observations, actionable recommendations, and cost estimates.

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Visual Map

Inventory of the Digital Landscape

We map out the digital estate in detail so you know what you have and where the challenges are.

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Marketplace & competitor review

We review the competitors and the market to identify potential disruptors or digital changes that may effect business status.

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Suggested 100-day plan

Our 100-day plan gives clear guidance for timing and prioritisation to achieve recommended actions cost-efficiently.

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Digital experts with PE, VC and Due Diligence experience

The D3 Team









Backed up by 150+ experts

The Team

Leadership is backed up by an in-house team of 150+ experts across Strategy, Analytics, User Experience Design, Engineering, Branding, Digital Marketing and Innovation.

Meet the D3 leadership

Extensive M&A experience.


Equator Assist’s founders have extensive experience working with the UK’s leading PE houses. With their wealth of digital expertise, they are the best placed to deliver the best in class digital assessment audit to support M&A deals.

20 years of digital transformation.

Track Record

As hands-on digital experts, dealing with digital solutions and innovations day in and day out, Equator has helped brands move forward in their use of digital. We’ve also created new brands from scratch across industries such as finance, health and hospitality.

Robust audit processes.


Having delivered digital transformation programs for 20 years, we have mature, compliant and efficient processes.

Actionable insight.


We don’t just assess, we help brands move forward in their use of digital, identifying new opportunities and tangible ways of overcoming current challenges.