Technology & Data Due Diligence for an African Supermarket Chain

Technology & Data Due Diligence

Identifying Key Factors for Success.

An informed 100 day plan

Our team of experienced CTOs, CISOs, and skilled technologists recently conducted a technology and data due diligence for an African supermarket chain as part of a buy-side transaction. The purpose of this diligence was to inform the Investment Committee and establish the 100-day plan items, as well as identify the 'order of magnitude' digital transformation investment needs as a precursor to a deeper post-acquisition digital strategy roadmap.


These findings may be valuable for private equity investment directors evaluating similar opportunities in the retail sector.

Barriers and enablers

We identified key barriers and enablers to future digitization and tech enablement, helping our client understand the challenges and opportunities they would face in their digital transformation journey.

Cybersecurity posture

Our expert team assessed the target's cybersecurity posture, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvements to protect the business and its customers.

Data architecture

We delved into the target's data architecture, focusing on critical areas such as pricing, supply chain, and loyalty programs. Understanding these aspects will help our client make more informed decisions on how to optimize and enhance the target's operations post-acquisition.

The importance of diligence

These insights highlight the importance of thorough technology and data due diligence when evaluating retail businesses, especially those in emerging markets.

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