Technology Due Diligence for a Fire Suppression Business

Technology Due Diligence

Assessing Scalability and Growth Potential.

Insights from a Buy-Side MBO

We recently conducted a technology due diligence for a fire suppression business as part of a buy-side management buyout (MBO). The primary objective was to understand the technology underpinning the services provided and determine if the systems are extendable or integratable, the infrastructure is scalable and accessible, and the team is capable of managing further growth, additional services, and potential bolt-ons.


These findings may be valuable for private equity investment directors evaluating similar opportunities in the construction and industrial sectors.

Strong positioning

Our assessment revealed that the target is well-positioned, with a good mix of technology and a credible plan for growth. This foundation supports the possibility of extending and integrating their systems.

Scalable infrastructure

We evaluated the target's infrastructure and found it to be scalable and accessible, allowing for the accommodation of future growth and the potential for bolt-on acquisitions.

Team capabilities

Assessing the team's ability to manage growth, we identified areas for improvement, including the need for dedicated IT leadership and efforts to professionalize security. Addressing these areas will strengthen the target's ability to expand and add new services.

Thorough diligence is essential

These insights highlight the importance of thorough technology due diligence when evaluating businesses in the construction and industrial sectors, especially those with a focus on growth and scalability.

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