Empowering a PE-Backed Recruitment Business for M&A and Growth

Digital Strategy & Roadmap

Key Findings from Our Digital Diagnostic & Strategy Project.

Getting fit for further M&A

We recently completed a digital diagnostic and digital strategy project for a private equity-backed recruitment business aiming to transform into a platform for further M&A and growth. Our objectives were to evaluate the current tech stack's fitness for purpose and develop a forward digital strategy and roadmap.


As private equity investment directors, you might find these outcomes valuable when assessing potential investments in the recruitment sector.

Assess the tech stack

A comprehensive evaluation of the current technology stack is vital to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. In our project, we provided a detailed plan for tech stack optimization, including reimplementation of the core CRM system, security workstreams, and AI integration.

Strategic hires for technology ownership

Our analysis underscored the need for increased technology ownership within the company. We recommended hiring three strategic roles to drive the digital strategy and ensure seamless integration of future acquisitions.

Develop a forward digital strategy and roadmap

A well-defined digital strategy is essential for guiding the company's growth and maximizing the value of future M&A activities. We delivered a roadmap aligned with the company's growth objectives and incorporating cutting-edge solutions like AI.

Insights you can act on

Leveraging these insights can help private equity investment directors make informed decisions when evaluating recruitment businesses and their potential for growth through M&A.

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