Assessing a Code-Free Promotional Website Acquisition for a PE-Backed Business

Digital Due Diligence

Key Takeaways from Our Digital Due Diligence

Elevating quality

We recently conducted a digital due diligence project for a private equity-backed business that acquired a code-free promotional website based in Asia. Our mission was to evaluate the software's quality, its integrations, and its ability to be absorbed into the parent company's tech stack, having previously carried out tech DD on the acquiring business 18 months prior.


These findings may be of interest to private equity investment directors involved in similar transactions.

Value-added service validation

Our assessment confirmed the management's assertion that the target software would provide a valuable service to clients. This validation can play a crucial role in justifying the acquisition and ensuring a positive return on investment.

Tech stack compatibility

Ensuring that the acquired platform can seamlessly integrate with the parent company's technology is critical for a successful acquisition. We confirmed the platform's compatibility, minimizing the risk of future integration challenges.

Security and contractual issues

Our analysis identified shortfalls in security measures and flagged potential contractual issues. Addressing these concerns early on can help mitigate risks and avoid costly setbacks down the line.

Catch the risks, seize the opportunities

These insights can be valuable for private equity investment teams evaluating similar acquisition opportunities, as they highlight the importance of thorough technology due diligence in identifying potential risks and opportunities.

If you have encountered comparable challenges or would like to share your insights, please feel free to reach out.

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