Accelerated Technology Due Diligence Report for a Product Development Provider for our Mid-Market PE client.

Technology due diligence

We recently completed a red flag technology due diligence report for a mid-market private equity firm in the UK, evaluating a potential investment in a product development provider.

Quality, coherence, and stability

With a reduced timeframe ahead of finalizing their investment decision, our client sought insights into the quality, coherence, and stability of the target business's technology suite, as well as any future plans that could impact the current suite, team, and capabilities.


These outcomes may be useful for private equity investment directors involved in similar deals.

Raise IT strategy, planning, and processes

Our analysis revealed that the target's IT strategy, planning, and processes need to be elevated to a higher standard in the medium and long term. This includes security, compliance, and the ability to create a competitive advantage.

Security shortfalls identified

We uncovered several cyber security gaps in the target's technology suite, which could pose risks for the investor. Our report included recommendations on how to address these concerns to protect the investment and ensure the target's long-term success.

Consider long-term impact

By highlighting potential risks and opportunities in the target's technology suite, our red flag report provided valuable insights that can help the private equity firm make a more informed investment decision and plan for the future.

The importance of being diligent

These findings emphasize the importance of thorough technology due diligence in identifying potential risks and opportunities in the technology suite of target businesses.

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Key Insights from Our Technology Due Diligence.

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