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Knowing what could add value to your business is complicated. Clients employ our dedicated innovation team’s visionary thinking to deliver new technologies, agile operations and unified data insights ensuring they consistently out-pace the competition.

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The pace of digital grows ever faster. Staying ahead is a job in itself, and we have that expertise at your disposal. We have proven expertise in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, automation, data science and a lot more. Let our innovation consultants analyse your business needs and provide aspirational but tangible, reliable paths for innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

If you're not planning how to use AI in your business, you're already behind. From the power of predictive modelling through to the immense capabilities of visual AI in service and automation, AI is ready to bring your business modernity, time and cost savings. Our AI experts are here to take you on that journey.

Internet of Things

In a world of 5G, data lakes and constant connectivity, the promise of IoT can now be realised. Smarter devices, more intelligent mobile and an empowered consumer, now is the time to invest in IoT. We have proven, deliverable expertise in multiple IoT technologies that can advance your business and improve your service without a considerable cost.

Predictive Modelling

Go beyond basic reporting and start to exploit the rich benefits of Machine Learning in your sales and marketing planning. With our expertise in advanced reporting and analytics, we can help you discover what will happen in the future, not just what has already happened. Empower your decision making with our machine learning expertise today.

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Over fifteen years of working with Village Hotels we’ve become a valued partner, strategic mentor, team extension and all-round agent of change.

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