Business success is data driven.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Our dedicated data and Ai experts create data-driven business models and evolved customer interactions that help businesses take on tomorrow.

Adapt faster with smarter tools

The ability to act on insight gleaned from an increasingly complex network of interactions is becoming crucial for success. Our strategic approach defines agile, data-driven models and our Ai experts create tools that surface insight from complex interactions. From this understanding, client businesses can react more intelligently and adapt faster than their competition.

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How we turn complex data into transformative insight

Data & Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Advanced Website Analytics & CRO

Deep analysis into how people interact with your digital estate enhance performance and effectiveness.

Ai tools

More data results in the need for smarter tools for analysis, surfacing insight and creating learning systems that automate change.

Integrated marketing analytics

Data driven systems underpin a growing share of digital marketing activity.

Audience insights

Data-driven understanding of audience types and behaviours to create more rewarding digital experiences.

Working smarter, adapting faster

Data & Artificial Intelligence work

How our data and artificial intelligence capabilities are fuelling more effective experiences for our clients.

All Work

Data-driven innovation and ongoing evolution


Over fifteen years of working with Village Hotels we’ve become a valued partner, strategic mentor, team extension and all-round agent of change.

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Car Dealership Sector Review

Exploring the accelerating pace of change in the automotive sector

In this study, we aim to highlight the major trends that are taking place in the automotive sector and show how dealers are performing in this fast-changing environment.

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Adding a Spark to the energy market

We created an entirely new brand for this challenger energy supplier - then built a chatbot that transformed customer experience and call-centre culture.

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