We love people & our planet

Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future through
eco-friendly initiatives, ethical business practices, and meaningful community engagement. Our approach integrates environmental stewardship and social responsibility into our operations,
aiming to positively impact the world and the communities we serve.

Building a better tomorrow

Equator's commitment to sustainability extends beyond our immediate operations, fostering a collaborative network of partners, suppliers, and employees all united in the pursuit of building a better tomorrow. Through conscientious sourcing, ethical partnerships, and empowering our workforce, we strive to create a ripple effect of positive change across our supply chain.

By working together, we're not just enhancing our business sustainability; we're helping to shape a future where growth and sustainability go hand in hand, setting new standards for what it means to be a responsible business in the 21st century.

Carbon Offsetting

Equator has successfully partnered with Climate Wise & Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our carbon emissions. This collaboration underscores our commitment to sustainability and our proactive approach to combating climate change.

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Small acts with big impacts

Shaping the future

Our watercooler dispensers save the equivalent of 13,000 plastic bottles per year

LED conversion projects reduce our energy consumption by 70%

General waste has reduced by 50% since 2019

Printing output has reduced by 800% since 2019

Since 2022 we’ve offset
the equivalent of planting
36,288 trees

Using e-sign technology has saved 33,000 pages of paper since 2021

Our Green initiatives

Setting Standards

Recycling Waste

We have implemented comprehensive recycling programs to reduce waste and promote the responsible disposal of the waste we do create.

Embracing Reuse

Our NetZero initiative encourages the re-use of items across the business to minimise waste and extend the life of resources. For example, our raised flooring came from a disused warehouse.

Green Procurement

We prioritise purchasing environmentally friendly products and services to support sustainable practices in our supply chain.

Training & Awareness

Regular training and awareness campaigns are held to educate employees about eco-friendly practices and encourage sustainable habits.

Sustainable Travel

We promote sustainable travel options, such as carpooling, cycling and public transport, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Monitoring Energy Use

Our energy monitoring helps track and manage energy consumption, leading to more efficient use and reduced environmental impact.

Putting people at the centre of climate change

Making a difference

Equator is making significant strides in sustainability both in the UK and internationally by investing in renewable energy and reforestation projects. Our efforts in the UK focus on reforestation, and further field we support projects that focus on expanding the use of wind and solar power to reduce carbon emissions and help developing countries with much needed resources. 

This dual approach not only tackles climate change head-on but also supports local communities by creating green jobs and promoting environmental education. Equator’s commitment to these projects demonstrates our role as a proactive leader in fostering a sustainable future worldwide.

Household Solar Lighting in Zambia

helping with poverty education and health

This project plays a pivotal role in reducing poverty, enhancing educational opportunities, and improving family health by providing solar lighting devices to families within Zambia.

Salkhit Wind Farm in Mongolia

supplying mongolia with electricity

The project generates renewable electricity using wind power turbines, and supplies the Mongolian central grid to meet the growing electricity demand within the region.

Elazig Solar Farm in Turkey

‘high efficiency’ solar farm

In a country with a significant energy deficit - Elazig Solar Farm aims to be one of many solar projects to help reduce emissions, whilst also providing economic stability and certainty in the availability and cost of energy across the country.

Marston Vale Forest Creation in the UK

planted 2M trees and counting

Marston Vale Forest Creation - has already planted over 2 million trees, with an ambitious target to plant an additional 5 million trees across the region, in order to achieve 30% tree cover across the project sites around Bedford and Milton Keynes. 



We can all be Net Zero Heroes

Our journey towards achieving NetZero is aligned with our commitment to global sustainability standards, including the UN Global Compact, and certifications like EcoVadis and ISO 14001.

Our comprehensive strategy not only focuses on reducing our carbon footprint through innovative, eco-efficient operations but also actively engages in offsetting initiatives that compensate for our residual emissions. By integrating these principles into the core of our business model, we are dedicated to demonstrating leadership in environmental responsibility. Through these commitments and actions, Equator not only aims to achieve NetZero but also to inspire a movement towards sustainability that transcends our daily operations. Our dedication to these global standards and certifications represents our promise to our partners, customers, and the planet, as we work tirelessly to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

We’re proud of our certification

Equator is immensely proud of our environmental certification, which underscores our deep commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. These achievements reflect our continued dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and improving our environmental impacts. 

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