Reinvigorating Westpoint Homes with enhanced brand visibility & flair

Westpoint Homes - Creating a point of difference

From beautifully crafted content to prestigious waymarking, find out how we drive engagement and desire for this luxury Scottish developer’s exquisite homes.

Prestige lives here, through the lens of luxurious branding

The challenge

In 2019, we were thrilled to become the sole branding and design agency for luxury Scottish developer, Westpoint Homes. Since then, we’ve worked passionately to extend their capability with first-class marketing resources and support that underline their presence in the affluent property field.


The challenge is always to increase brand visibility and grow sales of their beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes. It’s always a pleasure to work with such an aspirational client and we tailor our communications towards targeting premium customers in select areas.

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Marketing that's right up their boulevard

The journey

Since 2019, Equator have worked on every new development Westpoint Homes have created – naming the sites, creating unique and memorable identities and creating all of the print, online and social marketing collateral. Typically, we'll begin with a brief from the client. Then, we'll begin our discovery phase, where we carry out in-depth research on the location, the unique house styles and the demographic - their pain points, needs and desires.

Discovery & definition

Next, we research the local area, its history and review what competitors are building locally. Using our findings and target audience profiles, we begin creating a long list of names for the development, from direct and abstract to names that associate with every theme that we’ve explored. We narrow it down to a shortlist of two or three and focus on these to produce a series of initial visual concepts.

From naming estates to marketing brochures

What we achieved

We present our names to Westpoint and once a concept has been agreed, we work closely with their marketing team to create all the deliverables they need, including, but not limited to:

Engaging copy and messaging

Beautifully crafted high-end marketing brochures

Site signage

Unique customer giveaways

Promotional video content

Social media campaign assets

Press and digital advertising collateral

"Our goal was to align exceptional houses, with exceptional branding."

Piqued interest, in-demand properties

The impact

Since 2019, our work with Westpoint Homes has continued to drive interest at every phase, from creating intrigue at new development level, through to lead generation when the developments mature.


At Equator, we are experts in matching brands with the right tone of voice, from those wanting casual, street style to clients like Westpoint Homes who request refined exclusivity. We work with a number of property sector clients, from high-street to high-end, so you can be confident that once you give us a brief, we’ll set the tone accordingly.