Bringing harmony to a complex world


How Equator helped Veolia share knowledge across diverse territories and sectors.

A challenge communicating

Veolia is a huge and extremely diverse global company working largely in waste, water and energy management. It began as a state-owned business in France and now employs over 163,000 people, in almost all of the countries of the world.


From decommissioning oil rigs to recycling plastic bottles, Veolia’s range of services and activities is bewildering. Unsurprisingly, communicating across the business as a whole had become a challenge. That’s why we got involved.

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Joining the dots

Many of Veolia’s customers engaged with the business for just one service among the many the group could offer. The customers were rarely aware of other services, and our client lacked an efficient way of cross-selling and talking to customers across divisions. They asked Equator to bring their technology up to date.

Project Harmony

The project - code-named Harmony - was designed to foster better communications while empowering divisions to sell, cross-sell and up-sell products and services.


Our work created a platform for change, providing a single customer view and the intelligence to help our client sell a wider range of services.


It also provided a more efficient way of selling services. For example, an e-commerce solution removed some manual aspects from the sales process, which meant low-margin services could be sold profitably for the first time.

Revenue increased. Indirect costs reduced.

By providing the architecture for technical harmony, we led a real-world move to salesforce integration. The results so far have included increased revenue and a reduction of indirect costs, as well as improved customer engagement, and a significant improvement in knowledge for internal stakeholders.

From discord to Harmony


Veolia was suffering from the inevitable inefficiencies that come with the organic growth of a business, where legacy systems and disparate operating methods can make it hard for any one department or division to see the big picture. Our work brought harmony to a potentially cacophonous business - and we could help your organisation sing in tune, too. Talk to us soon.