A rewarding experience for a bright and bouncy loyalty scheme


We rebranded one of the UK’s leading bricks-and-mortar loyalty programmes, giving it the bright, bold feel it needed to really shine.

Leading the way

Swipii was founded by a couple of Strathclyde University graduates in 2014. By the time we got to work on it, the brand had grown to become one of the leading loyalty schemes in Britain for hospitality, beauty and retail. They had almost a million sign-ups - but they didn’t have the brand identity to make the most of some significant new investment they’d managed to secure.

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Supporting Swipii's ambitious growth plans

The Swipii team were looking for a rebrand to support the company’s ambitious growth plans and commissioned us to create a new identity that would position the brand as a grown-up, serious business, but still bright, bouncy, and loads of fun.

Getting to know you

We began by meeting the Swipii people and learning all we could about the brand and its offering. We then ran a survey with a selection of the customer base, gaining an insight into perceptions of the brand and learning what people wanted to see change.

Shining a light

We took the brand and turned it up to maximum, making it brighter, bolder and more fun than ever. An expanded palette compliments the core brand colour, while the logo’s been simplified and freshened. A new messaging framework and a suite of engaging brand photography add substance to style.

New logo and strapline

We ditched the old logo - an anthropomorphic cartoon creature - in favour of a simple type solution that feeds into a suite of iconography. Meanwhile we’ve added a strong, unambiguous and positive strapline - 'Always rewarding' - that explains Swipii’s brand promise in just two words.

Ads and mobile

We’ve applied the new brand to outdoor and transport ads, brochures, posters and other print items. We’ve made it work beautifully in merchandise including bags, t-shirts and hats. Crucially, our new brand integrates wonderfully in the Swipii app - which is at the heart of the brand experience.