Cultivating a new digital experience for Scotland’s Rural College


A digital refresh to reflect SRUC's response to new attitudes in environment and agriculture.

An introduction

Scotland’s Rural College - SRUC - is a globally important research institution and teaching college focused on agriculture and the life sciences. The College has responded to recent, seismic shifts in attitudes to the environment and agriculture by reorganising and re-prioritising activities.


This new direction needed an updated brand, and SRUC turned to Equator to support the transformation with a fresh new digital experience.

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Planting seeds for the future

Digital architecture and content are absolutely critical to SRUC’s ambitions, representing the heart of the transformation process.The new digital experience repositions SRUC as a global centre for sustainable, innovative and competitive rural economies. At the same time, it does the practical job of driving applications with shorter, clearer user journeys.


Working with the client team, we moved SRUC to a completely new, future-proof CMS platform featuring Umbraco cloud hosting. Thousands of pages of course information were moved to the new platform - and restructured to suit the new format - while a huge amount of original content was created to cover additional courses and improve user experience.

How we made it work

We’ve modernised the SRUC site in terms of branding and UX as well as technology, using Umbraco v8 and Cloud for a robust, future-proof platform. We’ve also streamlined business processes and admin work with an efficient, bespoke content and applications system.


Our new package integrates seamlessly with unit-e and Microsoft graph API for course and staff information. A flexible, component-based approach means SRUC can create new pages without restrictions. Meanwhile, overall user experience and accessibility have been transformed to ensure we achieve and maintain the highest possible standards.

Innovation led the way

The transformation process was completed in under six months, with a fully updated brand, and an entirely new digital experience which will maintain and grow student numbers, increase research income, grow consultancy business and extend international reach.

Rebranded and future-proofed

SRUC’s transformation depended fundamentally on the digital experience delivered to students, academics and consultancy clients. Our work helped to rebrand the college while future-proofing the architecture and technology of their digital estate. Give us a call to talk about how we could cultivate a better future for your business, too.