Transforming the mortgage industry


How we worked proactively to develop a revolutionary digital whole-of-market mortgage application service.

An opportunity for a complex industry

Equator had been working with Spanish banking giant Santander for a while when we came up with a completely new way of doing mortgages. It was a revolutionary process that would benefit our client, their customers, and ultimately the industry as a whole.


First we identified problems in the traditional mortgage-buying process - it was clumsy, time-consuming and overly reliant on the intermediary broker. With our technology and expertise, we knew we could come up with something better.

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Intelligent, self-service mortgaging

We set out to build the UK’s first genuinely digital mortgage process, giving users the power to research and apply for mortgages online in minutes.


The work involved learning all we could about the UK market, so we undertook wide-scale consumer research. Then we shaped a brand and solution that would build confidence and resonate with users. Technically, we had to create a secure solution using Sitecore, with built-in AI functionality to deliver a personalised experience for every applicant, and the ability to simultaneously evaluate key high-street mortgage providers.


While engineering the nuts and bolts of the system, we also handled regulatory and compliance, and created an integrated marketing strategy for launch and the first five years of roll-out.

An industry first

For the first time, thanks to Equator’s solution, users could compare hundreds of mortgage offers online, carry out an application process in less than 15 minutes, and get an offer-in-principle instantly. The consumer can get a mortgage anytime, anywhere, using a laptop, tablet or phone.

There's no comparison

Our digital mortgage process is literally revolutionising the way the mortgage market works in the UK - not just for Santander, but for the entire industry. Our proposition has been so successful, it’s since been bought and implemented by the country’s biggest comparison site.

From proactive idea to industry transformation

The UK mortgage market has changed for the better as a direct result of our transformational work. As for Santander, our client has benefitted from increased turnover, reduced costs, increased audience reach and better brand engagement.


The Santander mortgage process is an example of how Equator can work proactively, offering transformational new thinking even where the client doesn’t request a solution to a specific brief. If we can transform the UK mortgage market for ever, just thing what we could do for your brand. Talk to us soon.