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Robertson Homes

Since 1966, Robertson Homes has been building luxury new homes in prime locations across Scotland and the North East of England. When they approached us they had a brand experience that neither reflected clear values or showcased the quality of their developments.

Building solid foundations

We were commissioned to define a clearer brand proposition and roll a fresh visual identity out across key marketing collateral and their website.


We started by working with the Robertson sales and marketing team to identify their core target audience and define what a new Robertson home would mean to them. From this, we created detailed user personas for each segment of the market and developed a messaging framework that would allow us to communicate directly to each audience, whilst remaining consistent in tone.

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The finishing touch

We created a luxurious and high-end visual system that conveys the desirability of their homes and places their customer-focused brand ethos centre stage. Refining their colour palette, and defining a new approach to typography, photography and layout ensures the brand remains consistent and has impact across all applications.

Making life easier for homebuyers

A restructure of the information hierarchy on the website makes it easier for homebuyers to search for and find their ideal property. The website not only offers a visually appealing user experience, it also integrates with Robertson’s sales database. This allows newly released plots and house sales to dynamically update on the website as well as capture customer data via contact forms.

A result the whole company is proud of

Through collaboration, innovation, and diligence we delivered an effective solution in only three months, from pitch to launch. We created a new experience that the whole company is proud of and created a brand that is more considered. Together this allows Robertson Homes to appeal more within the luxury retail property space and achieve their sales targets.


A 1,200% increase in site visits

Robertson Homes has seen a 1,200% increase in site visits in the three months after launch. They’re also saw positive feedback from users, and an increase in brochure downloads, contact form completions and goal completions.

The big numbers

  • Overall website goal completions - up 294%
  • Contact form completions - up 1,119%
  • Brochure downloads - up 28%
  • Email links clicked - up 239%
  • Click to call - up 47%