Extraordinary ROI for PricewaterhouseCoopers


Our integrated marketing campaign for PwC was aimed at just 500 highly targeted leads across the UK and Europe, through a six-week, fully integrated digital marketing campaign. Return on investment was a staggering 165-to-1.

Helping to derive maximum value

PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the world’s leading accounting and professional services firms. Their mergers and acquisitions offering - branded the Value Creation in Deals team - is an important player in the M&A market, but competes against the rest of the ‘Big Four’, as well as smaller, specialised strategy houses.


PwC wanted to help clients respond to challenges in the market and derive maximum value from the deals they do. They asked us for a campaign that would promote their white paper, as well as communicating their offering and brand. It was a small, select and highly specialised target audience - key decision makers from FTSE 350 companies - but a very valuable one.

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Reaching the unreachable

As you’d expect, a group comprising 500 key people in top companies is a challenging demographic to reach. They’re very busy, they’re extremely well informed, and everyone wants to talk to them.


We developed a strategy to reach our target audience at every stage of the marketing ‘funnel’. Programmatic and social display - through LinkedIn and YouTube - was backed up by PPC and SEO to capture those actively searching relevant issues. Targeted lead generation activity helped drive substantial volumes of people signing up to download the white paper.

Six weeks of action

Our fully integrated, multi-channel campaign ran over six weeks, targeting decision makers across the UK and five European territories. The list of channels included


  • programmatic
  • social display
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • YouTube ads
  • Lead generation
  • FT SmartMatch

Making it work

Technical implementation required multi-stakeholder and third-party management, as Equator worked with PwC’s creative agency and the Financial Times SmartMatch team. As ‘product owners’, we took a lead throughout, running A/B tests on creative work and optimising best performers, channel by channel and region by region. A bespoke reposting dashboard was developed and used to manage much of the material.

Exceeding expectations


With a tremendous ROI of 165:1, we can safely say our work exceeded all expectations. Other key figures included:

15.7m impressions

753.5k video views

30k traffic

Over 700 qualified leads from FTSE 350 decision makers