Putting AXA PPP in the best of digital health


For this leading private health insurer, we’ve put together a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of creative, technical and marketing talent. We're developing proactive ideas based on sound business strategy on a daily basis, and we’re in it for the long term.

Defining the difference

AXA PPP Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable private health insurance. Since winning the account in 2009 we’ve developed the brand’s entire digital strategy. We’ve managed SEO for brand campaigns, built a customer-facing website and helped develop a social strategy alongside Channel 4 and Stand up to Cancer. In all, we’ve developed over 120 projects in ten years.

Can we help transform your business?

Our work with AXA PPP Healthcare is a major long-term commitment, with a dedicated, specialist team. Like any other account though, it began with a pitch. Find out what we could do for your brand by talking to us soon.

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How could we use digital to transform the brand from an insurance company into a health partner?


Our challenge was to realise this vision by connecting platforms, content and communications to support lifelong wellbeing, enhance the value of the brand and reduce claims. A truly transformative goal.

We transformed digital into a connected, omnichannel experience


Our strategy transformed the role of digital from being simply a sales and claim channel – to a connected omnichannel experience meaning AXA PPP could maintain and improve their customers’ health throughout their lives. To achieve this, we focussed on using data, CRM and product diversification to build deeper relationships with customers. The journey of transforming the brand into a wellbeing partner meant delivering initiatives that support customers in more healthy ways throughout their lives. It also meant that customers could get support effortlessly through features such as online chat and video calls with medical experts.

Killer content for a life-saving brand

Content Marketing

As the SEO landscape has evolved, our challenge has been to keep generating high-value links and building relationships with high-authority sites and bloggers. We’ve ensured our content is valued and shared, with great PR and social value. In turn these ideas have generated leads, and helped maintain dominant positions in organic search.


Every month we create a ‘marketable asset’ of campaign content linked to health and wellbeing. We’ve built interactive tools with catchy, shareable names like Shapeshifter, Twitchoo, Mindmap and Sun Aware - focusing respectively on weight gain, colds and flu, mental health and skin protection - with more in the pipeline.

Stand up to Cancer


To run with AXA PPP’s sponsorship of the SUTC campaign from Channel 4 and Cancer UK, we created a social media campaign encouraging people living with cancer to share information and advice.

We built a supportive online community, with live Twitter conversations and FB threads around Stand up to Cancer television activity. The result was one of the health insurance industry’s most successful social media campaigns, ever.

More than 6 million impressions across social channels

Stand Up To Cancer Impact

16,000 likes, shares and comments

More than 8 million video views

63% increase in FB Engagement

2.5 million Twitter impressions

A 2,258% increase in visits to AXA PPP sites

Multiple platform technology


In a decade of working together, we’ve realised a huge number of innovative, technical projects and advances.

Putting Umbraco to work

We’ve used Umbraco as the core content management system in 14 different solutions for AXA, including their main domain and a range of marketing satellite activity. The architecture has given us the freedom to scale for sites and viral marketing campaigns.

Implementing Episerver

Working together with the client's developers, we implemented the Episerver platform for AXA PPP. The system was designed and developed to take full advantage of Episerver’s personalisation capabilities.

Technical achievements

  • Fully integrated online quote-and-buy engine
  • B2B UX and development
  • Mobile apps for PPP and Saga
  • UX for Live Chat functionality
  • Email strategy, design and development
  • iBeacons in hospitals
  • Chatbots
  • Secure hosting for 24 sites

“Our integrated approach transformed AXA from a payer to a partner.”

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AXA PPP is now the brand’s fastest growing UK business and global digital leader.

Achievements & Results

As part of our transformation work, we have made a huge difference to their teams, customers and the company as a whole.

Created over 40 websites across AXA UK

Migrated the AXA UK digital estate from IBM Teamsite to Episerver

Integrated Salesforce to deliver marketing automation

Created Healthtech & You, UK-wide innovation award, in partnership with the London Design Museum.

Unique point-of-claim IOT-based technology (i-beacons) at Nuffield Hospitals

UK’s first online quote & buy platform for health insurance

Unique healthcare support including Video Doctor On Demand and Health Expert Live Chat

Integration of Magento ecommerce into Episerver

Health Online, a whole-of-market challenger, achieved 5x growth in applications.

Building innovation and agility into AXA team