A Partnership for SEO


Initially, our remit covered a small section of the M&G site. With numerous projects on the go, including a major site migration, there was a clear opportunity to be more involved and demonstrate our value to other areas of the business. Our SEO retainer has evolved into a consultancy relationship, with results going beyond just traffic growth.

Partnership growth

Having worked with M&G for several years, our retainer has grown from covering one section of the UK site, to a strategic partnership where we offer expertise, knowledge, and consultancy across the whole UK site as well as international domains.

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Flexibility for a diverse audience

The UK site is split into three main directories, each tailored to a different audience including investors, institutions and financial advisers. The main challenge was that each audience was managed by a different team, with different priorities. We knew there was a clear opportunity to work together across all areas and the client agreed. With a major site migration project on the horizon, our partnership with the brand evolved to ensure that their online real estate was optimised across every area, and that SEO work was carried out from the beginning.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

We’re a key partner in M&G’s major website migration project. Right now, we’re supporting with the first phase of the site migration to ensure SEO is built in from the start. We’ve reviewed site designs, carried out detailed keyword research, as well as technical recommendations for what is a complex site build. We’ve produced an extensive content best practice guide for M&G’s subject matter experts to ensure SEO best-practice across every piece of content. We carried out an in-depth content analysis for one of their key audience sections and identified new content opportunities, and ways to make existing content work harder. Brand presence has always been a key consideration for M&G too, so we provided recommendations on managing the brand within knowledge graphs for both the M&G Plc global domain and M&G Investments domain.


As well as project-based work, we’re continuing to support the Adviser section of the site, as we’ve done for 3 years. This was the original focus of our SEO campaign and is still a key part of their SEO strategy.

Strengthened relations and continued growth

We are proud of the physical results of our work, but we’re also proud of the relationship we’ve built with their team, as we continue to broaden the scope of our retainer with M&G.

The results

Equator has demonstrated its value beyond the usual KPIs.

Traffic up by 27% YoY, in first quarter of 2020

Became an established key SEO partner at M&G

Continuous YoY growth on Adviser section of site