More than a token solution

Lloyds Black Horse

Mobile tech builds a more effective sales journey for Lloyds Black Horse


Black Horse - part of the Lloyds Banking Group - is the UK’s market leader in point-of-sale motor finance, selling products to around 200,000 customers a year through 5,000 dealers. Their brief to Equator sounded simple: they asked us to build a more effective sales journey for their end-user customers. The reality was a little more complicated.

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Many a slip

We learned that many customers do their research on finance options before going to a car dealership but that once they get there, they’re likely to go with whatever the dealer recommends. Unsurprisingly, this could be an arrangement that’s good for the dealer and less so for the customer.


Black Horse wanted to close this gap and avoid ‘en-route’ slippage of customers. That’s where Equator came in. We had to create a joined-up sales journey to empower customers and reduce lost sales.

A digital token

Our solution was built around the concept of a digital token for a pre-authorised loan, which the customer would carry as an app on their smartphone. This would give the customer confidence to insist on the best deal, reduce the risk of the dealer selling another finance product, and make the whole journey trackable from end to end.


By connecting the app to i-beacons in the showroom we were able to further enhance the experience, proactively connecting with the dealership and streamlining the sales process. This made the whole journey simple and measurable, all while reducing drop-off.

Impact and results

The innovative new ‘digital token’ and supporting strategy has given Black Horse increased turnover and market share while reducing ‘drop offs’, and ultimately providing a better experience and outcome for thousands of customers.


We continue to work with Lloyds and Black Horse, developing new innovations and features for a better customer journey.

Outside the box solutions


The digital token we developed for Black Horse was an engaging and highly effective innovation. It’s the kind of ‘outside the box’ solution that Equator could offer your business. Get in touch soon.