Accelerating sales growth for private equity specialist consultancy, Humatica


Creating more enquiries than ever before by increasing fund penetration with astute brand repositioning.

Surging prices, greater prices & higher alphas

The Challenge

As a leading specialist consultancy to Private Equity Funds, Humatica prides itself on delivering ‘Operational Efficiency’ services to help the funds achieve ‘Alpha’ – an industry term meaning to gain a competitive advantage through a solid investment strategy. The aim is always to yield a higher return than the market index, from the portfolio companies they’re invested in.

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The obstacles standing in front of increased fund penetration

The challenge

In 2020, we were approached by Humatica to review their marketing activity and help them pivot to significant sales growth through the lens of fresh creative and targeted engagement cycles.


To do this, the company needed a complete sales and marketing overhaul, with a realigned strategic and creative approach, communicating what they uniquely bring to the table. This would be their ammunition against the current industry climate, with obstacles such as surging prices, greater pressure and higher alphas to contend with, while attempting to penetrate more funds and the portfolio companies within them.


Equipped with everything we needed to turn business obstacles into business objectives, we got to work.  

From the discovery phase to dynamic thought leadership

What we achieved

In our discovery workshops with Humatica stakeholders, we dug deep, revealing valuable insights about key stakeholders in the decision process.


We also held interviews with equity fund Deal Makers and Operating Partners, and spoke with portfolio company CEOs and Chairs to gain a broad perspective and deep understanding on critical processes and drivers. The complexity of the decision-making process was clear, and we sought to simplify it, with clarity and creative flair.

Key persuaders and how to win funds and influence people

Building on our research and findings, we formulated a targeted strategy that reached key influencers and final decision makers in the process:

To reach all audiences

We needed to drive awareness and interest for ‘Operational Effectiveness’ and ‘Operational Efficiency services’.

To reach Equity Fund Operation Partners and Deal Makers

We needed to demonstrate the financial impact of ‘Operational Effectiveness’ and ‘Operational Efficiency’.

To reach Equity Fund Operating Partners and Portfolio Company CEOs

We need to focus on education and information about Humatica’s different services, and when to use them, to drive conversion.

Repositioning services while refining the channel mix and thought leadership angle


Through our in-depth research, we found out that everyone was shooting for the same goal. That goal? To maximise the value of the deal – and fast.


But we also found out that all audiences shared resistance to ‘Operational Efficiency’s’ ability to impact directly and measurably, together. Since everyone perceived the more traditional levers are easier to control, less challenging and less risky, we created a range of positioning statements that everyone could get behind. Each statement described how each service would help them achieve their goal, with control and confidence.


Stepping into Decision Maker’s Shoes

We also wondered about the questions different audiences would be asking themselves at the crucial conversion stages, when appointing a consultancy firm. We mapped a range of questions that they might naturally think of through the Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action points.


Then we aligned those question with engaging content themes, topics and formats which answered them. This ultimately became our ‘engagement cycle’, driving awareness through to conversion.

An optimised channel mix for standing out in a saturated space


The final piece of our strategy puzzle was to help Humatica reach the audiences it needed to influence.


Using our digital expertise and knowledge of popular social channels, we created a plan to make sure the company stood out in a crowded space, highlighting their presence in the field and helping their key audiences to find them with ease through owned and paid channels. 

More enquiries than ever before

The impact

“Your good work has helped us significantly this year since we launched the new brand and website. We have had more enquiries than ever before, which we’ve converted into real projects during the year. This is very encouraging, that at the right time in the evolution of our target industry, we have collaborated with you to achieve the right platform and messaging is now in place to drive awareness and interest."

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from Humatica on the success of the project.