We redrew the map in online health insurance

Health Online

Challenged to create the best quote-and-buy tool in the market, Equator took a long, hard look at how people search and evaluate health insurance products online. The result was a paradigm shift for the industry.

A product with complexities

When Health-on-line first approached us, we began with a rigorous investigation of the selection process. We found consumers typically looked at eight or more providers before choosing - although there was no simple way to compare products, packages or pricing. We also found failings in our client’s offering. Site visitors didn’t understand the choices, and found both the language and layout difficult to follow.

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We focused on three big ideas.

We made the site more single-minded, made everything clear and easy to understand, and turned complexity into benefit by allowing visitors to build their own ideal product. The result was a site that made the consumer feel empowered and in control. 


Having developed the concept, we tested a working prototype, designing tasks to examine each stage of the quote-and-buy process.

Power to the consumer

1. Turning complexity into a benefit

We immediately saw how users loved the power to control options and prices - something they couldn’t do anywhere else online.


As well as the new quote-and-buy tool, we optimised the site for key health insurance search terms, delivering more leads. We did this by creating compelling content around key health insurance issues.

Smarter technology

2. A more single-minded experience

Our multi-platform solution supported Health-on-line and three sister brands within a single code base. AI integration and real-time pricing allowed customers to build custom policies with ‘add ons’. All data was recorded in the CRM platform, which gave call centre staff access to full customer history for more effective sales calls. The content management allowed for adaptation based on whether the customer came from SEO, PPC links, or an external link. The specially designed UX allowed for both individual and corporate insurance policies.

Our focus on simplicity drove major returns

3. We made things easier for people

Right from launch we saw a huge rise in the visit-to-lead rate - it practically doubled in the first month alone and increased by a staggering 500% over the following four months. During the promotion and optimisation campaign our client saw:


  • Visit-to-lead rate up from 4.7% to 23.3%
  • Over 10,000 new leads
  • £400,000 of incremental revenue


We also won a Plain English Internet Crystal Mark for clear, easy-to-understand language, the first to be awarded to a health insurer.

Right from launch, we saw the visit-to-lead rate increase by a staggering 500%.