Putting a price on genius

Gurr Johns

How we overhauled core business platforms for a leading art valuation and appraisal firm.

Assessing stability and security

Gurr Johns is a big name in the exclusive world of fine art. Since 1914 they’ve been providing appraisal, advice and valuation services to collectors while building valuable long-term relationships with artists, dealers, museums and investors. Today they operate out of offices in London, Delhi, Hong Kong, and three locations in the US.


Gurr Johns commissioned Equator to assess the technical stability and security of their core business platforms, including their valuation system and client database.

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A 4-phase transformation

We began by spending a couple of weeks interrogating the documentation and code, then looked at the technology, process and service ‘pain points’ to develop a strategy and re-platforming recommendation. We came up with a 4-phase process which would incrementally reduce risk and deliver return, all while supporting ‘business as usual’ while the work was carried out.

A break in the cloud

We worked with Gurr Johns’ current vendor to move the entire system to the cloud. With stable, secure cloud services established, we could move at pace to deliver an MVP system harnessing up-to-date technology, world-class data security and a single, robust database.


While maintaining service and mitigating risk, this also helped stabilise the business, return control to management, and remove security concerns.

Looking to the future

With these first stages complete, we’re now adding modules to release newly available features and improve efficiency. New functionality allows the matching of services between buyers, sellers and assets, while simultaneously presenting management with unlimited data interrogation options.

Impact and results

This ongoing process is designed to create value, minimise risk, and increase turnover while maximising gross profit. Equally importantly, our digital strategy has resulted in a highly robust, secure and future-proof solution.


For Gurr Jones we were able to provide an immediate fix for defined, current limitations, together with an open-ended, long-term solution which would guarantee stability and security for the foreseeable future. Call us to discuss how we could deliver similar benefits to your business.