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When the world-famous Gleneagles hotel wanted a tailored room-booking engine to improve conversion rates, they came to Equator. Our solution blew them away, and resulted in an astonishing 92% increase in online revenue.

The highest standards

Everything about Gleneagles, the five-star hotel, PGA golf courses and world renowned spa, is bespoke. So naturally, a new room-booking engine had to be tailored specifically to their unique offering. It also had to be stylish and elegant, just like their venue. And it had to be ready in 9 weeks.

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Old-fashioned elegance

Gleneagles prides itself on the highest level of traditional service, and the visitor experience is naturally a personal one. However, when they came to Equator for a booking engine, the majority of room bookings were still being taken over the phone - which was perhaps just a little too traditional.

The shopping list

The new booking engine had to be stylish, attractive and a pleasure to use, in keeping with the overall Gleneagles brand. It was also expected to encourage higher basket values and, ultimately, greater revenue.

An efficient engine developed within extremely tight timescales

We used out extensive knowledge of Opera API, and our experience of integrating with multiple payment providers, to create an efficient engine within extremely tight timescales. With our talent for building gorgeous, high-converting travel platforms, we also managed to create a solution that fully reflected the style and quality of the Gleneagles experience.

Outperforming expectations

Within a month of launch, the booking engine had already outperformed expectations.


  • Online room bookings up 34%
  • Average order value up 43%
  • Revenue was up a staggering 92% year on year
  • Mobile bookings were up 56%, with 121% higher average booking value
  • 246% increase in mobile revenue

Room bookings increased by 34% and revenue increased by a staggering 92%.