An authentic messaging platform for Gleeson Homes.

Gleeson Homes - Creating life changing moments

Covid added new complexities and fears for first-time buyers. So, when Gleeson Homes approached us for a real-life take on branding, we rolled up our sleeves.

Communicating confidence in a challenging market & turbulent time

The challenge

Buying a house for the first time is stressful, however life is unfolding. Yet, for first time buyers in the Covid era, heightened fears and uncertainty meant that they needed even more clarity and reassurance. We were thrilled to be able to deliver that for Gleeson Homes, adding to the wonderful work that the lead creative agency, 999, had already put in place.

The client, an affordable house builder based in Sheffield, pride themselves on building quality homes at affordable prices, for the people who need them most. Their authentic, no frills way of doing things needed an aligned messaging platform that matched their reality, communicating with first time buyers and key workers at their level, ensuring they believed Gleeson really understood and empathised with their circumstances.

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Capturing reality one colourful block at a time

What we achieved

Working with Gleeson Marketing and Sales Teams, we identified core audience groups, including first time buyers and key workers, to establish what was important to them when buying a new home.


Next, we created a friendly and engaging messaging platform, that enabled us to talk to each audience directly.

A new vibrant look & feel

Stiff and corporate is never our style. It looks boring and turns people off. So, we developed a playful, lively visual identity centred around building blocks, which gave the project a charismatic and light-hearted feel, while remaining reassuring with our overall message.

On their side, an identity to rely on

Property win.

We used vibrant colours, bold typography and a photographic style to capture the real moments associated with buying a new home, helping customers to feel like we were on their side, through life’s trials and tribulations. The revised visual identity was rolled out across all touch points, including:

The design and build of a bespoke property development website

Marketing and staff-facing communications

Point of sale

Development brochures

On-site signage and wayfinding

Seasonal campaigns

Outdoor media

Digital advertising

Social media campaigns

Video animation

Internal templates

From stamp duty to Help to Buy changes

The impact

During the rollout phase of the project, the UK housing market suffered one of the most challenging times since the recession. From stamp duty to Help to Buy changes and the huge impact of Covid restrictions (building site closure, virtual sours, socially distanced sales meetings etc), we remained resilient and responsive, with updated content that reflected government enforced changes and unwavering reassurance to the customers we were talking to.

Resilience through relatable communications

The impact

By understanding the audience and keeping on top of current trends, it was clear that the key drivers and requirements for buying a home had changed significantly.


We never communicate or market in a bubble. We always seek to connect with and engage customers, so that their pain points, needs and desires are considered and reflected and we’re confident we achieved that with Gleeson Homes.