Making fitness fabulous for Glasgow Club

Glasgow Club

A city-wide group of council-run gyms and pools with a shared membership structure, Glasgow Club offers fantastic facilities but competes against slick, private-sector national brands in the busy fitness market. We were asked to rejuvenate the Glasgow Club brand, and find ways to celebrate the positive impact it has on the city’s health.

Made for all

As a service brand, the new positioning had to demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction, and tangible benefits to membership. Trust carries a high premium in service brands and customers expect attractive, well-differentiated products and services.
As a city-wide, public sector organisation, Glasgow Club is welcoming and inclusive - and it was our job to get this across to members, potential users and the general public. The brand had to work for everyone from little kids to grandparents, from elite athletes to couch potatoes.

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The warm-up

Beginning the project was a little like starting a training regime. We warmed up with some research, setting up ‘pop-up’ studios in Club venues and speaking to customers to get a deeper understanding of what the brand meant to people - and what distinguished it from other local fitness businesses. Then we were ready for some serious exertion.

The main event

Once we’d reviewed and analysed the feedback from our research sessions, we focuses on a new brand proposition and developed a full messaging system. We revised the brand hierarchy, expanded the colour palette, created a suite of iconography, directed a new photography style and redefined the tone of voice.

With all that in the bag, we were able to provide the client with a brand toolkit that balanced single-minded direction with flexibility, allowing the brand to grow and evolve over the years to come.

A diverse line-up

The positive, inclusive messaging we developed made everyone welcome. We defined sub-groups of users, from the ‘flexible’ and ‘hardcore’ to the ’small changes’ and the ‘never too old’. This carried right through, in messaging and imagery, from outdoor ads and printed material to clothing and merchandise, flags and banners, and the digital environment. Whatever your shape or attitude, the message was that you’d fit right in at the Glasgow Club.

The cool down

Once we’d had a chance to get our breath back, we were looking at some impressive results. The consistent, impactful messaging was highly visible right across the city, feedback from members and the general public was highly positive, and the joining rate for new members was up by more than half.

“We’re confident we have a strong brand; alongside a clear vision with passionate values. Now armed with a flexible and modern toolkit of assets, which will help us make a statement in the market place. Initial feedback has been extremely positive, indicating a 54% increase in new members, and we’re really proud of what we have achieved together.”


Kirsty Ferguson, Glasgow Life marketing manager