Elevating the VIP Experience for FIFA


Using a pioneering eConcierge Platform.


In the bustling environment of global sporting events, delivering an exceptional experience for VIP attendees is paramount. FIFA, a name synonymous with the grandeur of world football, sought to foster an unparalleled VIP experience that transcended barriers of language and geography. To craft a platform that mirrored the spirit of the World Cup, FIFA partnered with the vanguards of digital transformation: Equator and Tec Agency.

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Project goals

Streamlining Operations

To create a seamless workflow that facilitates effortless coordination and management during the events.

Exceptional VIP Experience

Crafting a user-centric platform epitomising luxury and convenience.

Integration of Underlying Systems

Melding various systems into one cohesive entity to ensure a unified and streamlined process

Real-Time Data Access

Empowering stakeholders with the ability to access and analyse data in real time to make informed decisions

Multi-Language Support

Erecting a global platform that breaks language barriers, offering a pleasant experience for VIPs worldwide.

The journey

Spanning 8 months, Equator and Tec Agency collaborated in a symphony of innovation and expertise. Their combined efforts bore fruit in the form of a digital e-concierge platform, a nexus of technology and luxury, designed to offer a seamless VIP experience during FIFA sporting events.

70% Improvement in operational efficiency


The introduction of the e-concierge platform redefined the standards of VIP service in sporting events. Here's a glimpse of the remarkable transformation:

Onsite Event Experience

Before: The VIP experience was fragmented, with several areas requiring manual

After: A staggering 60% improvement translates to a sophisticated and seamless VIP journey.

Incident Resolution Time

Before: Incident resolutions were bogged by delays, affecting the overall VIP experience.

After: A massive reduction of 50%, ensuring a swift response to issues and fostering a tranquil environment for VIPs

Integration Efficiency

Before: Disparate systems operated in silos, leading to inefficiencies.

After: An impressive 70% increase,
highlighting the seamless integration of various underlying systems, promoting smooth operations.

Customer Engagement

Before: Engagement levels were satisfactory but had room for enhancement.

After: A 40% surge, indicating a heightened level of engagement, fostering a community of satisfied and returning VIPs.

Content Management Flexibility

Before: The content management system was rigid, offering limited flexibility.

After: An 80% improvement, granting the administrators the freedom to craft personalised and dynamic content effortlessly.

The synergy between FIFA, Equator, and Tec Agency sculpted a milestone in the digital transformation of sports events.


Through our combined expertise, we created a platform that stands as a beacon of innovation, luxury, and efficiency, setting a new benchmark for VIP experiences worldwide.


By integrating pioneering technologies with a keen understanding of the needs of a global audience, this collaboration has paved the way for a new era of VIP experiences, where convenience meets luxury, creating moments that are cherished for a lifetime.


In an environment where expectations are continually evolving, this project stands as a testimony to the incredible feats achievable through digital transformation, reiterating that with the right partners, the sky is not the limit but just the beginning.