Repositioning and refreshing Exemplas


We created a flexible brand solution that could adapt to the varied needs of the business.

Rebrand & Launch

As a result of a focus on business growth development for the first time in their 25 year history, UK consultancy, Exemplas asked us to define their positioning across their three core marketplaces: the Public, Private and Education sectors as part of a full brand refresh exercise.

With a need to better translate their value and service to these three distinct audiences, Exemplas required a brand repositioning that would emphasise their credibility in a clear, contemporary and authoritative way in order to stand out in a complex consultancy space. 


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Unique positioning, visuals & language

Through brand workshops and sector immersion we defined a unique positioning and developed a new visual and verbal language for the brand that reflected their informed and original approach to consultancy. With a complex messaging challenge and three quite distinct audiences to consider, it was vital that we create a flexible brand solution that could adapt to the varied needs of the business.

Trusted. Expert. Advice

We captured a new brand purpose that was brought to life through the theme of ‘Trusted. Expert. Advice’, a concept that encapsulates Exemplas' ability to not only understand the complexities of the modern world, but understand it in a way that is relevant to their individual customers and partners. It also ensures audiences old and new understand that Exemplas are a credible organisation with an impressive heritage.

Comprehensive rollout

Our comprehensive refresh encompasses every brand touchpoint. From the creation of a bold new logo and strapline through to full brand guidelines and suite of master brand assets, across company interior spaces as well as the creation and launch of a new, fully responsive website. Designed using subtle parallax effects, the website reinforces the credibility of the Exemplas brand with the illusion of movement - both driving calls to action through the natural flow of each page and enhancing the overall user experience. 

“The team really helped uncover the quality of our business proposition.


Capturing the depth of our offering in a confident new brand language and creating a foundation for all future communications. We are pleased with the positive feedback received and the impact of the rebrand across the business so far. The team's depth of experience and guidance gave us confidence at every stage of the project."


Marketing Director, Graeme Stark