Consumer focused positioning for Dudley Building Society

Dudley Building Society - Powering life

Breathing new life into one of the UK’s most established independent Societies, through distinctive, modern branding that everyone could get on board with.

Keeping it real since 1858 by representing true value in society

The challenge

As one of the UK’s most established independent Societies, Dudley Building Society was already well known to many. Yet, one area where they really excelled was going unnoticed. The remarkable and positive impact that they had on people’s lives needed bringing to life, so that everyone could see the wonderful work they contribute to society. Their ambition was simple, but powerful – to create a new consumer-focused positioning that was distinctive, friendly and modern, attracting new customers, while retaining appeal with existing members.

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A visual identity that speaks volumes

What we achieved

Through our discovery phase, where we explore the brand in-depth and hold brand workshops and interviews with the leadership team, we uncovered a core proposition of ‘Empowerment’. This really shone through every element of the company, from their culture of innovation to their exceptional customer service. From there, our team developed the overarching concept of ‘Powering Life’, underlining how Dudley Building Society empowers members of society with the resources and support they need to take charge of their lives.

A brighter future for Dudley Building Society

The impact

We collaborated with our client to identify the visual and verbal identity they needed. We updated the existing logo and personalised it by adding ‘Your’ before Building Society, to reflect that they exist to serve their members. This makes it so much more relatable, inclusive and approachable.

"Our new logo emphasises that we are, and always will be, your Building Society."


Dudley Building Society

Branding that reflects people & place

The results

Our visual and verbal branding approach uses vibrant colours and authentic imagery that reflects the positive impact that Dudley Building Society has on people’s lives. Altogether, it combines to create a memorable, lasting and trustworthy brandmark, capable of showcasing the client’s valuable work in society and ability to offer more than just an account.