Bright ideas for a brighter future.

Dudley Building Society

When Dudley Building Society hired us to develop a new brand and visual identity, we had some bright ideas on what to do.

Placing members' lives at the heart

Founded in 1858, Dudley Building Society is one of the UK’s most established independent Societies. Equator was appointed to develop a new brand proposition and visual identity that would give a better representation of the positive impact that they have on people’s lives. Their ambition was to create a new 'consumer-focused' positioning that was distinctive, friendly, and modern whilst retaining appeal with existing members.

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Service through empowerment

Through a series of brand workshops and interviews with the leadership team, we uncovered a core proposition of ‘empowerment’. This shone through from their culture of innovation and impeccable customer service. 

It's yours

From there, our team developed the overarching concept of ‘Powering Life’. We updated the existing logo and personalised it by adding ‘Your’ before building society, to reflect that they exist to serve their members. The visual and verbal approach utilises vibrant colours, and authentic imagery that reflects the impact that Dudley has on people’s lives. Overall, the new brand sets up Dudley for a brighter future.

Campaign collateral

Our campaign collateral followed through with our bright, vibrant colours so Dudley Building Society would be instantly recognisable from near or far. 

Powering life

With people at the heart of everything Dudley Building Society do, we put a face on everything Dudley Building Society does. A lively, welcome brand for a thriving mutual society.

The new, fresh face for Dudley put their customers at the heart of everything. The friendly new identity reflected the authentic difference in their business and what's important to customers.


We loved that they were so proud of their new look, it was used to reinforce what Dudley stands for to their customers and members:


"Our new logo emphasises that we are, and always will be, your Building Society."