Driving ROI as high as 45:1

Dalata Hotel Group

Since 2017, we have worked with Dalata Hotels to deliver industry-leading email marketing strategies that focus on innovative promotional campaigns, user journeys and content. Our visionary approach is at the forefront of travel and leisure sector marketing practices.

Tapping into the power of email

We identified and developed opportunities that mapped full user journeys across a content-focused promotional calendar. Based on this insight, we generated campaigns that delivered exceptional ROIs. A key part of the strategy was to segment and analyse existing customer data to maximise conversion and retention.

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Increasing consistency & relevancy

We identified that email performance was not meeting industry benchmarks due to template optimisation issues, lack of a test-and-refine approach and an inconsistent strategy. There was an urgent need to create a robust plan. It had to deliver brand coherence and relevant messaging to all consumer groups.

A great opportunity

With a large database and great product offering, there was a real opportunity to push the email marketing strategy further, with a more innovative approach to encouraging strong list interaction.

An extension of the Dalata team

Equator identified demographic, engagement and spend segments within a CRM and created full user journeys across a content-focused and promotional calendar that took into account various touch points and stages in the customer life-cycle. It was important to automate and personalise content as much as possible throughout the campaigns to ensure consistent communications that benefited delivery, relevancy and ROI.


Creating onboarding, re-engagement, RFM and Member Loyalty automations using a synced CRM and ESP system ensured the most efficient data management and send systems, where new users were encouraged, and lapsed users were recaptured into the sales funnel.

Driving ROIs using great strategy


Our work smashed industry benchmarks and drastically improved customer loyalty, retention and overall engagement, as all as driving an increase in higher-spending guests.

Open rates 3x industry benchmarks

Click rates 7x industry benchmarks

45:1 Campaign ROI

Campaign extended by 18 months

Based on the campaign's success we're now implementing full end-to-end Re-engagement activity.

The brand's first RFM modelled full user journey campaign

The customer base transformed as a result of the Equator RFM modelled campaigns that utilised Dalata Hotels’ CRM data. Customers are spending more and visiting more often overall, with fewer customers becoming lapsed and lost.