Going crazy for a brighter brand

Crazy Color

When Professional Beauty System hired us to launch an outrageous new hair dye range, we created an outrageous campaign to match.

Inspired by the past, developed for today

In the midst of the punk-rock explosion in 1977, everyone wanted pink hair. Superstar hairstylist Renato Brunas developed a new collection of rainbow shades, and the Crazy Color range of professional dyes in 41 eye-popping hues has been a favourite with leading salons ever since. We got the job of launching a new Neon range and embraced the challenge with fresh, vibrant, poppy work.

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A noisy market

Hairstylists see a lot of new products, all fighting like mad for attention. With Neon we had the advantage of outrageous colour and a heritage of cheeky, irreverent branding, but we still knew that to be seen, we’d need some blinding imagery.

Going with the flow

The natural solution was to build on the vibrancy of the product, so we used a flexible colour palette that would bring unique vibrancy to each execution in the campaign. We worked with the client to art direct the shoots, choosing fiercely confident models and precision-cut hairstyles to stand out in the busy beauty and fashion environment.

The medium and the message

We developed a messaging system using the ‘on’ from Neon to create provocative headlines and calls to action. Each letter of every headline was rendered as a neon tube, with the ‘ON’ in Neon added to a further word to create a phrase like “TURNED (ne)ON” and “(ne)ON TREND”.

Campaign collateral

We ensured the campaign followed through to point of sale by applying the imagery to product packaging and pop-ups that would be seen by both stylists, and their clients in salon. The same imagery - using the four striking models with their yellow, orange, pink and green hair - was used in super-impactful DPS ads in trade and beauty magazines.

We’d confidently hazard a guess that nobody in the UK’s hair and beauty sector missed our dazzling campaign. We took an existing bold brand personality, and turned it up to eleven.