Stand-out thinking for this iconic destination

Covent Garden

An impactful, integrated content strategy to bring the vibrancy of Covent Garden to life.

A growing partnership

Covent Garden is one of the world’s great shopping, dining and entertainment destinations. It’s packed full of disparate independent businesses and attracts a hugely varied audience, from ‘round-the-corner’ locals to globe-trotting visitors.


Equator was initially hired to run a limited paid-social campaign. It was so successful that we earned a regular place on the Garden’s roster, and we’re now jointly responsible for a fully joined-up brand strategy.

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A uniquely diverse audience

There’s nowhere quite like Covent Garden, but much of the relatively sophisticated and upmarket target audience can afford to spend its cash anywhere it likes. Marketing activity has to remind people what the brand is all about, inform them about what’s new and special, and get them to attend key seasonal events. Above all, it has to drive footfall.


The offering at Covent Garden is so diverse and the audience so broad, however, that there’s a real challenge in defining key metrics for tracking conversion. The KPI for Equator is therefore to drive increased engagement online - which in turn drives footfall and spending.

The Equator A-Team

We’ve assembled a team of Equator experts for the job, working across strategy, planning, creative concepts, content, search, social and email. We work closely with Covent Garden’s own marketing team, coordinating with the global brands with a local presence - like Ralph Lauren or Tiffany - as well as one-of-a-kind independent businesses.


Working as an integrated team, we plan and evolve marketing strategy around two key streams - ‘always on’ activity, and campaign-specific work.

Everyday special

Millions of people live and work near Covent Garden, and millions more pass through. So an ‘always on’ strategy includes casting out for new users, enticing new followers and subscribers, finding new website visitors, and engaging with followers.


Meanwhile specific events - including festivals and one-off performances as well as promotions and seasonal events like Christmas and Easter - get full integrated support focused on driving digital engagement.

Moving the needle on visits and loyalty

From a small-scale, discrete project, we’ve gradually taken on more responsibility and become embedded in the Coven Garden team. We’ve helped to expand the audience and improve brand effectiveness while developing digital-led channels.


It’s impossible to isolate our work from the overall impact of brand marketing activity - simply because it’s so well integrated. However, we’ve made a significant contribution to footfall, increased turnover, and visitor loyalty.

A beautiful integration


Covent Garden is not one client but dozens, with teams from global luxury brands working alongside ‘one-man band’ coffeeshops and specialist stores. We’ve successfully integrated our support into this complex environment, to the benefit of everyone involved. If you’d like to hear how we could do something similar for your brand, give us a call.