A world-class website for a world-class destination

Covent Garden

An awe-inspiring experience

At the heart of London’s West End, Covent Garden is among the most famous and exciting places to visit in the world. An amazing line-up of shopping, dining and entertainment options are clustered around the famous Piazza and neighbouring streets, with high-end office and residential property ensuring there’s a constant buzz, around the clock and throughout the year.


Naturally, a destination as glamorous as Covent Garden needs a website that’s equally gorgeous. And that’s precisely what we were briefed to produce.

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A dynamic new digital home

While Covent Garden is never short of visitors, the website has to deliver crucial information so those visitors can plan and make the most of their time. It also needs to cross-sell, making sure people who come just for one reason - whether it’s a night at the opera or a spot of Christmas shopping - are aware of what else is on offer. And with new openings, seasonal promotions and special events happening all the time, the site has to be dynamic and fluid.

Time for a change

Equator were asked to develop a new site in June 2020, as the existing solution was proving inflexible and inefficient. While the bricks-and-mortar Covent Garden was evolving and changing all the time, the old site just couldn’t keep up.


We were tasked with creating a completely new visual direction, while developing ways to monetise the site, and aligning with foreign strategies. We also wanted to be able to gather insights into our client’s audience, and align all their digital channels to create a seamless strategy.

The Garden, blooming online

Bursting with inspiring features, our new site is almost as exciting as a visit to Covent Garden in person - in fact the alignment of real life and digital experiences is key to the site’s success. Visitors, whether local Londoners, UK trippers or international travellers, can begin to live and breathe Covent Garden before they even get there.


The site is as dynamic and varied as real life, too, and constantly updated with editorial-style content, eye-grabbing brand pages and real-time offers and promotions.


And it’s here to stay - we’ve created a genuinely future-proof structure that will evolve and respond as the business continues to grow.

An iconic result

Our work for Covent Garden shows how the digital estate of an iconic destination can work as hard as the real-life location, while being just as glamorous. Give us a call and find out what we could do for your brand.