Finding the path to a dynamic new visual identity

Church House

When private wealth management company Church House asked us to refine and reposition their brand, we used dynamic graphics and engaging, story-telling imagery to create an engaging and progressive identity.

Creating Awareness, Consideration and Action

With over £1billion under management, Church House is a successful and respected fund and portfolio management business. Serving individual investors, financial advisers and institutions, the company has built a reputation on stability while offering each client choice and flexibility.


Church House asked us to refine the positions and values of their brand using graphics, imagery and language. We produced a new corporate brochure, above-the-line ads and a fresh new digital presence.

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Pathfinding in action

Church House typically works for the medium-to-long term with investors, supporting each customer on a journey towards a more comfortable financial future. We took this key insight away and developed the concept of ‘A Pathway to Prosperity’.


Much more than just a strapline, the Pathway was a strategic position, and the framework for a creative solution.

Toeing the line

In our visual work we dramatised the ‘pathway’ as a continuous graphic line. Then we applied this line to expansive story-telling imagery - it ‘moves’ through forests, across oceans and within striking modern architecture, creating a powerful sense of forward progress.


Key values - like ‘stability’ and ‘guidance’ - were conveyed in mono and duotone photography, evoking a sense of focus and confidence.

Putting it to work

The corporate brochure was a major production, with a perfect binding, an elegant cover design and dozens of spreads of breathtaking photography, all unified by a new visual language featuring the graphic ‘pathway’ line.


The same visual assets were applied to a campaign of full-page magazine advertising, and to internal and below-the-line applications - like sales presenters - where the new visual language works successfully with fairly complex graphs and tables.

Applying the pathway online

Church House had a substantial, fairly busy website, and our new design had to accommodate a lot of material. Nevertheless, we managed to create a site that’s clean and simple to navigate while applying the same kind of imagery we developed for offline work.

The route forward

Church House now has an assured, confident and contemporary visual identity system that works across all channels, on and offline. Communication with financial advisors, institutions and end-users is now coherent, consistent and highly engaging.