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Cala Homes - Home Again

With the ambition to be the UK’s go-to provider of quality resale part-exchanged properties, Cala Homes called on us to develop an optimistic rebrand that would help shed the negative associations of typical PX.

Shedding the old part-exchange image with a warm, new rebrand

The challenge

Following the merger with Legal & General Homes, Cala Homes approached us needing a unique brand proposition for their growing part-exchange portfolio.


Part-exchanged properties can often have a frosty association. To overcome this and become the UK’s go-to provider for quality resale part-exchanged properties, our client needed to break new ground and lead the change for feel-good resales.

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Home again sends the stigma of PX packing

What we achieved

Through our discovery phase, we realised that Cala Homes needed a stand-alone identity that would hold its own with strong, bold, positive associations. Previously, their part-exchanged properties were called Cala PX - we knew we could enhance that with warmth and reliability. Following a number of workshops and name generating sessions, we created 'Home Again', presented it to the client, and secured approval.

A new lease of life

The new concept focuses on the idea that it’s the people within that make a home, not just bricks and mortar. No one attaches emotion or nostalgia to a brick or a layer of insulation. It’s the memories within those walls that count.

A sense of purpose and belonging

The impact

Home Again has been a remarkable success, looking fresh and inviting and removing the negative connotations once associated with part-exchange properties.


The warm tone of voice and buyer-friendly messaging we used has helped people at feel at home with the new brand, while the new name is just the right balance of a direct familiarity and emotive connection.

We’ve also just launched the new Cala Homes and L&G Homes websites, on top of the Home Again site itself. Check them out!