Shining a light in the battle against cancer


We transformed Beatson Cancer Charity’s digital world, creating an innovative new service - My Light - into the bargain. Launched in time for the COVID-19 Lockdown, My Light provides personalised, practical information online for patients and their families.

Bringing digital power to charities

The Beatson Cancer Charity is one of the leading third-sector organisations working to beat cancer in the UK. The charity provides support for patients, funds research and training for professionals and volunteers, and operates an internationally renowned centre in Glasgow treating around 8,000 new patients every year.


The digital world is potentially hugely powerful for charities. An effective website can raise funds, publicise issues, share information and provide support - sometimes all at once. We were delighted to help BCC develop their site so that it achieves all of those goals, building in some unique and highly engaging features along the way.

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Integration and automation

BCC’s distinctive brand identity is well-known and loved in the West of Scotland. We undertook a digital transformation which would reflect the refreshed brand, and engage a whole range of different users. The new site needed to work for potential donors, medical professionals, a large team of volunteers, and local and national media. It also had to support people with cancer, and their families, in a sensitive and positive manner.


The key was building in more integration and automation for an enhanced user experience. The donation journey is now easier and more satisfying, while integrating with BCC’s CRM system, and easing the admin load for the charity’s busy team.


Best in class support

My Light is a stand-out new feature, and a significant innovation within the third sector. Developed  in memory of Eilidh McHugh - who died at the age of 22 following a battle with a rare and untreatable cancer - My Light provides tailored support for patients and carers.


My Light acknowledges that everyone impacted by cancer experiences a different journey, so users are able to create their own unique online space. BCC provides information, advice and support, tailored precisely to each individual. There’s even a mechanism to ‘ring a virtual bell’ and celebrate good news.


Cancer patients and their families may feel isolated at the best of times, but during the COVID-19 crisis, shielding and social distancing have made the problem particularly acute. My Light has been an important means of connection for hundreds of vulnerable and concerned people during an extraordinarily difficult time.

"Everyone at Beatson is immensely proud"

While the new site’s enjoyed a great reception from users, it’s a little early to talk about figures. In the meantime, however, CEO Martin Cawley told us that “everyone at Beatson Cancer Charity is immensely proud of this new digital experience – it looks great and we’ve received lots of complimentary feedback already. More importantly, we’ve seen an increase in our donations since it went live.”